Found The Perfect February Mood (Board)

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

February Mood Board


Brrrr… February was still quite cold and windy as you can see in my February mood board. I still rather spent time in my cosy home wrapped up in a blanket. I definitely didn’t save money when heating up the entire flat (guilty as charged).  I also had the feeling that it was raining a lot in London. Well, you probably would say ‘hello, you live in the UK, what do you expect?!’ but it’s not as bad as the cliché – but maybe February is.

I really hope March is going to be warmer. I can already see the sun going down later and the days being longer. I can feel the spring on the top of my nose (imaginary ray of sunshine). Speaking of spring, don’t forget to get involved in my SPRING PROJECT. A friend of mine and I are going to create a flower installation and we need as many people as possible.

Hereby, I’m saying goodbye February and hello March!

What was your February like?




Found Out Love Is Art

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Love Is Art


LOVE IS ART is a project, or better, product created by South African-born Jeremy Brown. The more I read about the artist and the idea on their website the more I liked it. I haven’t tried it out yet but I can imagine it’s a lot of fun. Basically, you order a LOVE IS ART kit from the website, which includes something like

  • Plastic Painters Tarp
  • Cotton Canvas
  • Different Non-toxic Paints
  • Disposable Slippers
  • Body Scrubber

Then it’s getting serious… well, more or less. You get naked with your partner and the canvas is your bed. Simple, isn’t it? If you’re curious there are some evidential photos on Instagram under the hashtag #loveisart. I probably should have posted this website on Valentine’s Day but I just discovered it now.

Jeremy Brown says “Art takes patience, dedication, practice, creativity, open mind, and an open heart…so does love.  Love is art.”

Maybe this statement convinced me of the idea. I think it’s true. And the thought of combining love and art sounds just perfect. I’m not sure though if I have sex on the canvas, maybe rather cuddles and kisses. If I get visitors asking me about the painting I’m not sure what I’d say otherwise. I think my visitors would run away.

I’m super curious, what do you think of the idea? Would you do it?


Found A Snapshot: Memories

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Singapore On Top Of The World


Do you sometimes go through your old photos on your computer? I did that just now. There are so many memories on this little machine, it’s fascinating. Most of the photos put a smile on my face. It’s so lovely to have all those memories, adventures no one can take from you anymore, no matter what happens.

Last year was a crazy year for me. At the beginning of the year I still lived in Singapore, then I traveled through Southeast Asia. I was back home in Germany for a month before I moved to London for good again. The first months I spent looking for a job and a home to stay. I remember how stressful that time was. Beginnings are always quite challenging although I have lived in London before.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the above photo for a while. Not because I love looking at myself, this moment was quite a happy one. It was one of the last days in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands – you probably have seen the “big ship hotel” before – and the view was breath-taking. My boyfriend and I quit our jobs a few days earlier and we felt like free birds on top of the world. We couldn’t wait for our adventure but were also a bit sad to leave Singapore and our friends behind us.

This is happiness! It was a good time and I’m grateful I have this moment forever, captured on this photo.

What is one of your greatest memories?


Found You? Participate In The Spring Project

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Spring Project Flowers FoundSomePaper

I can’t wait for spring to come. What about you? I partnered up with Maxine from 100Days100Letters and we decided it’s time to bring spring to London no matter what the weather will be in March. If you love flowers as much as we do then continue reading.

What’s the plan? We’re going to create a flower installation on one of the bridges by the canal in London. We’re going to meet on a Saturday in March to create hundreds of colourful paper flowers together with a bunch of people. I started a Pinterest board for inspirations to give you a better idea where we’re heading.

How can you participate? We’d love for you to join us and be part of the creative process. Just attend our Facebook event and we’ll update you on details over the next weeks. You just have to bring yourself and some flowers. It’ll also be a great opportunity to meet some like-minded people.

If you don’t live in London there is another way to be part of the Spring Project. Simply send your flowers (drawings, photos etc.) to me (get my address by writing an email to or publish your flower imagery online (Twitter or Instagram) by using the hashtag #foundsomepaper and we make sure to include you in our installation.

Everything will be documented by a great team. We’re going to film the day as well as taking lots of pictures so everyone not only goes home with the feeling of having spent a very productive and creative day but will also have a memory of this experience, which lives online forever.

Why are we doing this?

  • Because we love flowers
  • We want spring to finally be here
  • We want to spread some happiness
  • We want people all over the world to participate
  • We want to bring like-minded people together
  • Because everyone can be creative

So get involved and spread some flower love! Send in your flowers and be part of an exciting art project!


UPDATE: There will be a ‘MINI ONLINE EXHIBITION’ so please contribute to the spring love. We already received collages – THANK YOU! Just send an email with your creation to It really can be anything you want and we’ll feature it online.



Found My Reverse Bucket List

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Reverse Bucket List


You probably wonder what a reverse bucket list is. It’s simple. We all make plans for our lives – a bucket list – and we’re working towards fulfillment of this list, right? But do you also think of the awesome things which happened to you without you planning it? We probably forget very often the wonderful experiences we made but which weren’t on our list.

I want to appreciate and share some personal moments here, which I enjoyed very much but weren’t necessarily on my bucket list.


1. Be the cover girl on a magazine
So this is a bit weird but I randomly participated in a contest and ended up as one of the ten selected finalists of the Austrian magazine WIENERIN. We got styled, photographed and had to catwalk (so embarrassing). But the jury selected me as ‘girl next door‘ and a couple of weeks later I had a big shoot. It actually wasn’t as easy as it looks – I had to stand for hours in weird positions, which looks normal on the final photo (?!?!) – but of course it was a great experience.


2. Write for The Guardian Newspaper
This is part of my job hunting campaign I already mentioned on my blog. I never imagined to write blog posts for The Guardian but it happened. They found out about my job hunt on Twitter and asked me straight if I want to write about my experience. It’s a couple of years ago and job hunting on Twitter was unusual so that’s why I probably got their attention. They also invited me to a podcast (skip to minute 9:30 – I have a very strong German accent LOL) with other experts (yep!) from the social media industry.


3. Be mentioned in a book
It’s connected to the podcast I did for The Guardian. Mildred Talabi was one of the invitees and talked about social media trends as well. Last year, she published her book The Science of Successful Job Hunting and I couldn’t believe that she mentioned me. She was quite impressed with my job hunt on Twitter and definitely wanted to mention me as a successful example. How cool is that?


4. Move to Singapore
Well, two years ago a surprising opportunity arose. It wasn’t a direct opportunity for me to be honest but I took this chance to create a new story for my own life. In a nutshell, my boyfriend got a job offer in Singapore and shortly after we decided we’re going to take on this adventure together. But that also meant I had to look for a job again. I met great people and eventually got a job in an advertising agency. It was a year of interesting experiences, a lot of learnings and partly a whole new world I stepped into. I would always do it again!


5. Travel for 3 months
You can see a pattern here. Traveling for three months was a result of having moved to Singapore. Before we wanted to go back to London we thought this is actually the perfect time to explore Southeast Asia a little more. We were both free like birds and saved up some money. We were already in this corner of the world so why not taking this chance to stay there for a while? We traveled to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia (=Bali). Maybe I should write a blog post about that?


Take a moment and think about what you already have achieved or experienced but what wasn’t on your list of things to do in your life. It would be amazing if you share some of your thoughts with me in the comment section below. I’m really curious!


Found Some Incredible Jazz Music

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Incredible Jazz Music


Okay, actually I didn’t find the incredible Jazz music. It was my boyfriend who not only loves music but plays several instruments. Since he’s an expert I asked him if he could put together some really good Jazz songs for my readers. I always listen to music when I write blog posts. I find Jazz music particularly relaxing as well as inspiring. The last song is an hour long, perfect for background music whilst writing. You should definitely listen to it.

So the following is written by Chris.

Jazz Rating: 1 (mmm Jazzz) – 10 (I. Am. Jazz.)

Here we go!

Esperanza Spalding & Gretchen Parlato – Inútil Paisagem
Captured live, in one take, performed by one of my favorite contemporary bass players – aged 26 Esperanza was the first Jazz musician to win the Best New Artist Grammy. The Piece was written by Jobim a Brazilian composer centric to the development of Bossa Nova in the 60’s.

Jazz Rating: 5


Herbie Hancock – I Thought It Was You
Jazz Funk meastro Herbie Hancock is fucking great. Listen to his 1978 album Sunlight and you shall find this out. Innovator of tech, melodies and synthesized harmony this Vocoder wielding pianist brought an understanding of Jazz into Pop that inspired the sounds for a new generation of music. imo.

Jazz Rating: 6


Chet Baker – Time After Time
I love Chet Baker, mainly for his ability to recall the exact intonation and temperament of a trumpet with his natural voice. A talent I imagine he barely even cared for compared to the mastery required to ensure it was the right note. An Artisan of Jazz, and a heroin addict, Chet is missing some teeth in this video probably due to an altercation with an owed drug dealer who would later remove the rest, to leave Chet having to re learn the Trumpet all over again with dentures. Which he did, and was still fucking ace.

Jazz Rating: 7


Thundercat – For Love I Come
Whilst not strictly Jazz I’ve included Thunercat’s rendition of For Love I Come. George Duke being the real hero here for writing the original and for pioneering Jazz fusion and its recording. Much akin to Flying Lotus who helped production on this version that I have included into the list because I feel for a musical genre to be relevant it needs to be revered. Thundercat is one of the best bass players around.

Jazz Rating: 3


Thelonious Monk – Live in Norway & Denmark ’66
Okay so if you have made it this far through this list hopefully you have been interested enough to listen to some of my fav Jazz(ish) tunes I’ve been listening to recently. If you’re keen to find and learn more about real Jazz, I will let Thelonious Monk provide any further education we may need.

Jazz Rating: 9


What do you think? Are you a Jazz fan?


Found Happiness With Alessandro Pautasso

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Alessandro Pautasso Art on foundsomepaper


Does these pictures make you happy? They certainly make me happy. I was so thrilled when I found Alessandro Pautasso’s digital portraits. He’s a graphic designer and illustrator from Italy. In the About section on his website you get a little glimpse of how he transforms classic photography portraits into exploding rainbow visual art works.

He inspired my February project where I have to transform my bathroom items into art pieces. I’ll write another post about it by the end of February but have a look at my Instagram for a peek. I didn’t use Photoshop though but crayons. I just wanted to get away from the computer and create some art.

I have a real weakness for geometric shapes and I simply love colours because they make me happy. Alessandro Pautasso has a real talent using these two elements to create unique art work.

Have you seen anything like this before? What do you think about his vector art?


Found And Want – A February Wish List

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Wishes Come True City View February Wish List


  1. I’m in love with this chocolate design by Unelefante – Too beautiful to eat though
  2. If I could wish for a view that would be it – Beam me up, Scotty!
  3. Not that I don’t have enough journals – But this is really dailygreatness
  4. On my list for a while now – The most beautiful cutlery or better Bronze Age Flatware
  5. I have so many books on my wish list but this one sounds really fun – #girlboss
  6. Coolest cloud bread board ever – My kitchen needs a treat
  7. This eyeliner could be great for my spring look this year – Oh hello!
  8. How cute is this little umbrella with a giant rain drop chain – Rain can be fun
  9. I always try to find products which somehow show a galaxy – Et voilà!
  10. Last but not least – Connect the dots with these pretty straws



Products I love in February Wish List

Found Creative Confidence

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Creative Confidence Book


Creative Confidence by Tom and David Kelley is one of my favourite books. I can read it over and over again. I don’t know if you sometimes have the feeling that you could be much more creative but because you haven’t chosen a creative career (yet) you don’t even know if you’re ‘allowed’ to be a creative person. This book is for everyone and it motivates you to just do things. It sounds so simple but we easily get caught up being busy on the Internet. Nooo, please stay a little longer before you’re getting creative now. Below I quoted some action points I got from the book so you have a better picture why I love this book.


Sometimes you need to give yourself a little nudge. To get over the natural propensity for inaction, figure out what is holding you back and tackle that in some way. Here are some catalysts we use to get started:

  1. GET HELP. Hire somebody or recruit a willing colleague for a short period to help you. Make your problem someone else’s for a while; share the burden to see if they – or you – come up with a new way to make progress.
  2. CREATE PEER PRESSURE. David has found that he needs someone else in the room to get started. Even if the person doesn’t give the feedback or add ideas, they provide social pressure to make David show up, the first step to getting something done. For example, using a personal trainer helps motivate David to go to the gym. Even when he’s not feeling energetic, he still turns up for his work-out because he has made a commitment to his trainer.
  3. GATHER AN AUDIENCE. Find an attentive listener to move an idea out of your head and into the real world. Talk your ideas through to get your creative juices flowing. And if your audience can give you feedback or food for thought, that’s an added bonus.
  4. DO A BAD JOB. Suspend judgment of how well you are doing it. Just get something out there. We’ve found over the years that one way to get traction at the beginning of an innovation project is to write the “bad ad” first: a quick, sometimes even corny advertisement that describes whatever the finished product will be.
  5. LOWER THE STAKES. If the problem you are working on feels so important that everything hinges on it, make it less important. Thinking of the perfect place for your team’s next offsite meeting might paralyze you with indecision. But if you just list a dozen possible places, you might have the “perfect” location before you know it.

What do you think? What’s the one thing you always wanted to do but postponed it forever?


Found Free Patterns And Free Stock Photos For You

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Free Patterns And Stock Photos


I love free stuff and when I find something on the Internet I, of course, want to share with you my discoveries. Do you love patterns? However you use them – for a collage or computer background – here is a website where you can download some cool patterns for free.

The pattern website is one of many many other websites where you can get free stock photos. Check out all the individual websites at for free photos, patterns, and icons.

Do you always use your own photos? If not what other websites do you take your (free to use) photos from?




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