Found The Perfect May Mood Board

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

May Mood Board FoundSomePaper



May was such an adventurous and busy month for me as you can see in my May mood board. The only thing I’ve done less was being actively creative and participating in The Jealous Curator projects. I already missed the April project and I now struggle to complete the May project, too. I hope I can combine the two tasks at the beginning of June and hence catch up on the creative executions.

But enough about the stuff I haven’t done. May was definitely a good month. I went to Iceland and I can’t tell you enough how beautiful this country is. I also took a lot of photos. Of course in Iceland but I also took quite a few photos for the #ArtyProject. Furthermore, my pregnant friend asked me to take some pictures of her and her bump AND another friend needed some help in filming a project.

I also organised my second creative event with my friend Maxine. It was as successful as the first one and we even had a sponsor. I think the paper flower installation is still up in Hackney Wick if you live in London.

How was your month?



Found Mission #3: A Morning Rave

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Morning Raves Morning Glory Ville FoundSomePaper


Every now and then, I try out some new things to have a little creative break from my daily life. I already spent some me-time in nature and went for breakfast with a friend before work.

Just yesterday, I went to my first official morning rave at 6:30 am in the morning. Well okay, it started at 6:30 am and I made it to the venue at 7:15 am, not too bad eh?! Of course, when I got up in the morning I thought what have I done + what a silly idea + I want to go back to bed. But I paid for it and it was just one morning, so I’m sure I would have survived. I’m writing this, so yes, gladly I survived. As soon as I entered the room I was stunned by the amazing vibes. The music was fantastic – that’s the German house music lover speaking – and I immediately started dancing. Luckily, the surprise DJ was Fatboy Slim. There were people doing yoga, there were babies and children, there was coffee, and there were a lot of hands up in the air. The theme of the event, organised by the team of Morning Gloryville, was superheroes. Of course, I went as myself. Okay, okay, I don’t want you to think I’m arrogant. I simply didn’t have a costume, also because I had to go straight to work afterwards.




Here’s the good news: Morning Gloryville is a worldwide organisation with events all over the world, e.g. Berlin, Amsterdam, Melbourne, New York, Montreal, San Francisco, Tokyo, etc. etc.

I can tell you one thing which makes it pretty clear how amazing the experience was to go to a morning rave before heading to work: I already signed up for the next one on 1st July in East London. Check out their Facebook page here for more info.

Would you go to a morning rave at 6:30 am?


Found Beaucience: Make Your Own Beauty Products

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Beaucience FoundSomePaper Collaboration Honesty


I’m excited to introduce you to Beaucience today. When Cheryl sent me an email, I checked out her blog and immediately fell in love with her ideas, e.g. make your own beauty products. She’s going to introduce herself below but I can already tell you she’s found a super interesting niche with so much potential, I’m already her biggest fan and this won’t be the last time you hear from her on my blog! But now over to Cheryl.

How to make your own lipbalm

Hello All – I am very excited to be guest posting on Found Some Paper today. My blog, Beaucience is all about making beauty products more understandable. Today we thought we’d mix that thought with a sprinkle of creativity and find out how to make your own lipbalms.

What should a lip balm be doing for your Lips?

Lips are a little different to the rest of our skin. There’s no sweat glands – yum. There’s also no hair follicles – Thankgod!

Lips go through an onslaught every day, we eat, speak, drink… lick, bite and chew at them. What our lips need is a bit of protection and some ingredient lovelies to nourish.

So what ingredients should you be looking for?

The lips definitely benefit from what’s called an ‘occlusive’ moisturiser. In plain English it forms a second skin.

The ingredients to look out for are going to be, waxes (bees, carnauba, candelilla) and silicones.

Next you need some nourishing ingredients to ‘give back’ to the lips. These ingredients are called ‘emolliants’ and they improve the condition of skin.

There is a very long list of all the emollients available. They all lend different minerals and vitamins to your skin. To name a few – Vitamin E, Apricot kernel oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Evening primrose oil, there are literally 100’s to choose from.

What do the ingredients look like?

Skincare should be interactive don’t you think? How can we get to know ingredients without seeing them? It would be like finding an amazing dinner recipe but not being able to tell which ingredients gave it that extra special ‘Mmmm…’.

I think this is part of the reason why it’s so hard to find products that work well for your skin. Without knowing which special key ingredients work for you, or which your skin cannot tolerate… how does that phrase go, ‘It’s a bit of a stab in the dark’.

For the recipes we are going to make together, there’s going to be a waxy part, an oil and a butter.

Make your own recipe!

Right, so we need an occlusive and an emollient. We need something to form a barrier and something to improve lip condition.

There are going to be 3 main Ingredients you can select from, for your lipbalm.

  1. Wax’s
  2. Oils
  3. Butters

Balancing these 3 ingredients will change the consistency of your lipbalm.

Here’s a couple of recipes to get you started. These will make 15ml quantities, which will fill a lip balm tin.

Shea butter heaven

2.55g Beeswax

7.55g Apricot Kernal Oil

4.95g Shea butter

Intensive Coconut lip treat

2.85g Beeswax

7.05g Almond oil

4.95g Coconut oil

How to make the recipes.

Find a heat proof container. Something like a small Pyrex jug would work really well – remember you need to pour out of whatever you use. In the past I had used those handy GU glasses that those oh so yummy desserts come in. It’s a bit of a pain to pour out of those!

Add the butter and oil. Heat these together gently until the butter melts. It shouldn’t take much heating as the butters melt at around 40oC.

Add the beeswax. Mix these together until melted. You might need to re-heat the mixture here. Try to use as little heat as you can. The less heat you use the better for the ingredients.

Where to find ingredients.

The easiest way to get these ingredients in a quantity which isn’t going to take up the best part of your car boot, would be Amazon. Shocking ey! There are small scale sellers on here of wax’s, butters and oils.

Introducing Honesty – Make your Own.

Knowing what goes into your skincare products is actually surprisingly hard. Some key ingredients will be mentioned on most of our skincare. However we all know from how the food industry has evolved that it’s not necessarily representative of what else is in there.

I have been working on a little project recently. It started from trying to make skincare more understandable and helping friends and family to make informed choices for their skin.

I have been working away to create ‘make your own’ kits with all the ingredients pre-weighed, the packaging included, and with a trusty instruction guide teaching you about the ingredients you’ll use in the recipe. Here’s a few pictures – what do you think?

The first kit is a natural beeswax lip balm. It’s not quite yet available to buy, but they will be very soon! If you like the idea, keep in touch on the Honesty FB page.

Beaucience FoundSomePaper Collaboration Photos

Found Some Paper Flowers At The Creative Bloom Event

Sunday, May 24th, 2015

Creative Bloom Event Found Some Paper


Another creative project has successfully ended. Last weekend my friend Maxine and I organised another Creative Bloom event (this is our new name for this kind of events) in London. Maybe you remember our first event back in March and I’m sure you’ve also watched the wonderful video of the event my boyfriend made.

This time we had another venue which I highly recommend when you’re in London: Number 90 Bar. It’s by the canal in Hackney Wick and has such an awesome cool vibe, you only believe it when you’re there. Number 90 Bar hosted us last-minute when our previous venue cancelled on us a few days prior our event because they thought we would just eat and not take over the space with our creativity. Excuse me, but creativity needs space, so here are a million thank yous to Number 90 Bar in London for being our creative hub at the weekend.

We also had a lovely sponsor who sent us lots of beautiful Origami paper flowers. Check out Sesame – Cooking School & Origami Florist & Bubble Blowing. As you can see they’re doing a lot of creative workshops so if you’re in London you should give it a try, they’re absolutely lovely.

Why am I posting about this?

Because I want to show you that there are many ways to be creative. I organised this event in order to bring together like-minded people and to inspire them as well as myself. I had to look online for tutorials which I then tried out myself in order to teach other people. So really I wanted to be creative myself and used the event for a motivation. I know you might be located in other cities and even other countries but maybe this post inspires you to make something yourself. I recently made a paper flower bouquet for my friend’s birthday inspired by the Creative Bloom events. I’m happy to post a few tutorials on my blog but in the meantime find some links below which I found prior to the events. I also extra created a Pinterest board dedicated to (paper) flowers.

++ DIY Paper Flowers ++ Beautiful Paper Flowers ++ We mainly made these easy DIY flowers ++

You can find more pictures on Facebook. What do you think? Have you ever made a paper flower yourself?


Found Some Doubts: An #ArtyProject Update

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

ArtyProject Update May FoundSomePaper


You probably wondered what the little word ‘doubts’ in my headline is all about. Let me explain it to you. If you have followed me over the past few weeks you know that I’m working on a creative project initiated by two beauty bloggers. Catch up on my previous blog posts to have the whole picture of the project.

My idea for the #ArtyProject is to create one or more GIFs around the theme ‘The Beauty of Colours’. I’m fascinated by photography of a single colour, be it architecture, nature, objects, or people. I wanted to take on this challenge and go out there to look for single colours like blue, green, red, etc. I was super excited about this artistic project and I definitely still am but I faced some obstacles. This is not my final art work but I wanted to be brave enough to share an update with you although I’m not satisfied at all. My GIFs still need some more thoughts and I need to continue experimenting with them.

First of all, it was quite difficult to find single colours. The world is so colourful (which is obviously nice but a bit challenging for my project), there’s always at least one other colour in the picture. I really tried to zoom into things but still wanted you to recognize what it is; otherwise I could have just used coloured paper and take a picture (oh, next idea?!). Maybe I was not creative enough here. I basically just put together all the pictures I took of the same-ish colour to one GIF (see below). I know it’s quite fast but any slower and I got bored. It has something psychedelic. Don’t watch it too long!

As I mentioned before, this isn’t going to be my final art work. I’m going to change something but I don’t know yet what it’ll be. I think I definitely don’t like the square format…

What do you think? I’d be very happy for any feedback you have!


PS: Please also check out the other artists. There are seriously some awesome creativity going on!



BLUE Arty Project FoundSomePaper

Found Some Goals: Why Are They Important For Your Creativity?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Goals Tips FoundSomePaper


A few of you might be familiar with my Goals 2015 page already. In this blog post, I want to talk a bit more about why goals are important for your creativity. At first, it seems odd to have goals because that means you have to be quite organised and structured but creativity uses spontaneity and freedom to create awesome things. Doesn’t it sound contradictory?! It doesn’t have to be if you use the list as an inspiration for your creativity. In the contrary, goals are important to keep you on track with your creative life.

I have used my list of goals – which are mainly related to my blog – for a couple of months now and I’m really happy the list exists. I wanted to add here, I have other lists of life goals but wait, I actually don’t have any… (at least not in a written format). The list of 2015 goals is my only ‘serious’ list I have – I definitely need to change that since I figured out how useful my blog list is (important note to myself).


10 reasons why you should start a list of goals today

A list of goals…

  • keeps you motivated & productive
  • helps defining your personality
  • helps you to progress
  • is a great subject to talk about
  • is inspiring
  • gives you this satisfaction of crossing out done things
  • made public is an energy booster
  • can be a gorgeous memory
  • arranges all your thoughts and ideas in your head
  • makes you feel proud of your achievements

When I think about it, I really started to be (actively) creative when I set myself some goals. Because, let’s be honest, when do we have actually time to sit down and create something?! Unless your job includes many creative tasks or unless you’re already a freelance creative, the others – WE – need to make an effort for being creative. People – I mean you and me – struggle to take time for creativity but it’s not impossible. Therefore, a list of goals is a great start. Make sure you’re crossing out goals over time otherwise it just leaves you with a guilty feeling.


Types of goals




I think a mix of all sorts of goals is healthy but don’t exaggerate with the amount and size of your goals. You want to cross them out one after another and too much on your plate will make you feel overwhelmed and demotivated.

Why don’t you tell me one of your goals?



Found A Talented Illustrator: Meet Marion De Lauzun

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Illustrator Marion De Lauzun FoundSomePaper


Meet Marion de Lauzun. I was very happy when I found Marion’s email in my inbox. She attached a few work examples in her email and BOOM she got my attention straight away. I really liked her idea of using typography to create images, the consistency in her look, and the story behind her art works so that I asked her if I can feature her on my blog. Luckily, she said yes and on top of that she created a downloadable background illustration exclusively for Found Some Paper readers. YAY!

Have a look at Marion’s Society6 page and delve into her works for some awesome illustrations – what’s your favourite? Then come back and get to know the person behind the art work better. Below are three questions I asked Marion. She really has an interesting story to tell.


Marion De Lauzun Moustache FoundSomePaper


1. In a couple of sentences. Who is Marion de Lauzun?

I’m Marion de Lauzun, born and raised in South West France, I lived for 5 years in Paris, a stone’s throw from Montmartre. I am now in Osaka, Japan for 1 year with the working holidays visa.

I graduated with a Master’s degree in International Management from Northeastern University in Boston (USA). After working for a few years in the e-commerce sector, I ventured into the art world, in particular graphic digital design.

I enjoy working with all kinds of graphic designs and elements, such as antique French illustrations, typographic designs, paintings, photos, etc. My work is influenced by the French Belle Époque (Victorian Era), the Années Folles (Roaring Twenties), as well as my travels around the world.

2. Share 5 facts about you!

  • I’m a self taught artist
  • After living for 5 years in Paris, I suddenly decided to change my life and to go live in Osaka, Japan
  • I lived 2 years in the USA as a child. Unfortunately I was 3 years old so I don’t remember anything
  • Even so I’m French and grew up near Bordeaux, I dislike wine (I’m a shame for my own country)
  • But I know the ultimate secret recipe for the BEST chocolate cake ever

3. How do you stay creative?

I always try to glimpse art during my everyday life, whether it’s by looking at an architectural detail, a particular face or a vintage postcard. It helps me to stay connected with ideas.
I’m always creating illustrations, even when I find my ideas terrible. If you wait until you have the perfect idea, you will never create anything.

I love Marion’s last sentence and absolutely share this opinion about creativity. Don’t judge yourself all the time. Even if you don’t like your work, don’t give up and continue what you are doing. Experiment! The journey is sometimes more fulfilling than the end result.

Download Marion’s illustration – exclusively designed for Found Some Paper readers – for either your phone or your desktop because YOU’RE CREATIVE!

Are you also a new fan of Marion’s art work?



Mobile // Desktop
Je suis creatif Laptop FoundSomePaper


Found 4 Useful Tips For Your Iceland Trip

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Iceland View FoundSomePaper


Let me tell you one thing straight away: You need to visit Iceland! I’m going to share with you four useful tips for your Iceland trip to also make your visit unforgettable. I just came back this week and it was one of my most favourite holidays ever. Why? Because it was so different.

Iceland is such a fascinating country and has so many natural wonders I couldn’t close my mouth. I mean I have seen photos but I remember when I walked around the corner to see Gullfoss, the most beautiful waterfall in the world (okay, I haven’t seen that many…), I was stunned and so happy to have the chance to see something like that in real life. You can see a few more photos below but also visit my Flickr account to look at more photos from Iceland.

It really was an amazing trip and when you’re going to visit Iceland you should consider the following tips.

  1. Rent a Car
    This is probably the best advice I can give you. We felt like free birds cruising around Iceland. You can go wherever you want and stop whenever you feel like it. There are a lot of bus tours on offer but one ticket costs as much as one day of renting a car. We even didn’t have a Sat Nav (mainly because they didn’t have one anymore but also because it’s an adventure to use the old good map, isn’t it?!) but don’t worry there are not that many roads in Iceland. Make sure you take the gravel insurance when renting a car. Gravel is everywhere!
  2. Visit The Best Restaurant in Reykjavik
    I think I read about this restaurant somewhere on a blog – sorry, I would link back to the blog if I could remember which one it was. We also went to a restaurant recommended by a local but it wasn’t even nearly as good as this one. Make sure you visit Sjavargrillid! It’s a lovely restaurant on the main street in Reykjavik. We had the grill mix (first thing on the menu) which consists of an eight course meal. Each time the waiter served a course he explicitly explained what the chef cooked. I loved the attention to detail. The taste of the fresh ingredients were phenomenal. Was it expensive? Yes, it was but you have never tasted something so delicious before, it was more than worth it. I think I paid £50 each without drinks but, hey, it’s eight courses!
  3. Experience The Blue Lagoon
    Although it’s such a massive tourist attraction – and I’m not a big fan of such – it’s a great experience. It’s a natural hot tub, WOW, right?! Just look at the photo below. It’s a very relaxing feeling to hang out in this hot tub, you’ll definitely leave with a very chilled out feeling. At the end of the day I didn’t have the feeling there were that many people in The Blue Lagoon. It’s a big pool and there are quite a few quiet corners to hide away from other people. You can also have drinks in the hot tub, how cool is that?!
  4. Listen to Live Bands
    Just walk into any bar in Reykjavik! Okay, we only listened to one live band in a bar (because I fell asleep before midnight every day) but I heard before we visited the country that this is a thing in Reykjavik. The band we listened to was playing Jazz music and my respect to the blind cello musician for playing beautifully. With every song a member of the band changed and there were quite a lot of people in the audience who took the chance to sing on the stage. My impression was that Icelandic people are very friendly and pretty chilled out in general. We probably should take in more of their relaxed attitude on life.

These are my top tips for visiting Iceland. Have you been or would you like to go to this beautiful country?


Blue Lagoon Iceland FoundSomePaper

Gullfoss Iceland FoundSomePaper

Horses Iceland FoundSomePaper


Found A Whole New Mind

Monday, May 11th, 2015

A Whole New Mind Daniel Pink FoundSomePaper


You might have seen A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink on the right sidebar of my blog recently. I always tell you what I’m reading at the moment and this book caught my eye in the bookstore immediately. I love great book covers. As a child, I always wanted to be a book cover creator, i.e. a designer but that’s not what I became. Anyway…

I really loved reading this book. I made lots of notes and will share a few lines from the book with you. In a nutshell, A Whole New Mind talks about the creative side of your brain – the R-Directed half of the brain – and why it’s getting more and more important for us. It describes the L-Directed workforces as replaceable by cheaper countries or machines and has a strong argument for creative minds which are difficult to replace. I’ll quote a paragraph from the book which describes the idea of what Daniel H. Pink means by A Whole New Mind.


In the Conceptual Age, we will need to complement our L-Directed reasoning by mastering six essential R-Directed aptitudes. Together these six high-concept, high-touch senses can help develop the whole new mind this new era demands.

1. Not just function but also DESIGN. It’s no longer sufficient to create a product, a service, an experience, or a lifestyle that’s merely functional. Today it’s economical crucial and personally rewarding to create something that is also beautiful, whimsical, or emotionally engaging.

2. Not just argument but also STORY. When our lives are brimming with information and data, it’s not enough to marshal an effective argument. Someone somewhere will inevitably track down a counterpoint to rebut your point. The essence of persuasion, communication, and self-understanding has become the ability also to fashion a compelling narrative.

3. Not just focus but also SYMPHONY. Much of the Industrial and Information Ages required focus and specialization. But as white-collar work gets routed to Asia and reduced to software, there’s a new premium on the opposite aptitude: putting the pieces together, or what I call Symphony. What’s in greatest demand today isn’t analysis but synthesis — seeing the big picture and, crossing boundaries, being able to combine disparate pieces into an arresting new whole.

4. Not just logic but also EMPATHY. The capacity for logical thought is one of the things that makes us human. But in a world of ubiquitous information and advanced analytic tools, logic alone won’t do. What will distinguish those who thrive will be their ability to understand what makes their fellow woman or man tick, to forge relationships, and to care for others.

5. Not just seriousness but also PLAY. Ample evidence points to the enormous health and professional benefits of laughter, lightheartedness, games, and humor. There is a time to be serious, of course. But too much sobriety can be bad for your career and worse for your general well-being. In the Conceptual Age, in work and in life, we all need to play.

6. Not just accumulation but also MEANING. We live in a world of breathtaking material plenty. That has freed hundreds of millions of people from day-to-day struggles and liberated us to pursue more significant desires: purpose, transcendence, and spiritual fulfillment.

Here’s a video of him speaking. He’s also a great speaker; it’s easy to listen to him.

I absolutely recommend A Whole New Mind to you. I adore books which make you think and question the world. What do you really want to do in life? This book tells you why you shouldn’t be afraid of following your passion and why you better start listening to your creative side.

Let me know if you have read this book already or if this little introduction made you curious to read it.


Found The Perfect Spring Project Video

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

Spring Project Video FoundSomePaper


We – or better my boyfriend – finally finished the Spring Project Video from our flower installation event in March in beautiful East London. YAY! It looks amazing! Click on the video below and have a look yourself!



If you want to read more about the idea behind Creative Bloom, check out my previous blog post.

Meet us at our next event on 16th May 2015 in London. Simply sign up at our event page on Eventbrite. There are still a few spaces left. It’s a great opportunity to finally create something with your hands and to meet new like-minded people. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!



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