Found The Perfect July Mood Board

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

July Mood Board FoundSomePaper


Here comes my July Mood Board! It was the first month I didn’t really travel – at least not outside of the UK – but I concentrated a bit more on all the things I wanted to do in my free time.

I have started to learn everything there is about graphic design as I mentioned in a previous post. It’s going quite well but I should not concentrate so much on the theoretic side of it anymore and start practicing. I’m happy though that the London Bloggers accepted the Facebook group cover I’ve designed recently (sorry if you don’t see it, it’s a private group) and I try to make my blog post headers a bit more exciting. I also bought The Jealous Curator‘s book COLLAGE. Oh dear, I have so many interests it’s getting harder to make space for it all (but I can do it!).

I also started to be much more into stationery since I blogged about Katie Leamon. I sometimes think the luxury notebook I have from her is too pretty to be used. I save it for a special occasion to start writing something inside. I let you know when the day comes.

Since I went to Sweden to visit my friend I couldn’t get the flowers out of my head my friend placed everywhere in her flat. It looked so beautiful I wanted to have this feeling in my flat too so I bought a few tiny vases from Sweden and from flea markets in London. Now I go out regularly to buy flowers for the vases. It does change my mood a lot. I just love it!

Last but not least, I finally decided to organise a bloggers meetup. I have the feeling August will be a nice warm month and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the end of the summer. I have planned many things but just head over to my previous post and get all the information you need. I hope I’ll see you there!

How was your July?



Found Murder Of Goths – Blogger & Illustrator

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Illustration Murder Of Goths FoundSomePaper


Murder of Goths is such a unique blog. I discovered the blog when I won a customized digital illustration by Kat. But maybe I start from the beginning. I attended a bloggers event / charity event organised by Fiona two weeks ago in East London. It was very well-organised with some little corners of discoveries. Fiona also ran a little raffle and I can’t believe I won this amazing prize.

Maybe the image looks familiar to you because I posted the original photo, which was taken in Sweden, already on this blog. Kat is such a talent. Her blog is a mix of posts about her personal life, about topics like feminism and parenting as well as her art works. She has specialised in transforming photos of plus size bloggers which I think is a great niche. You need to check out her work here.

If you haven’t already you should follow this talented digital artist here:

Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Blog

What do you think about the illustration? Would you like to have one yourself?



Found A Bloggers Picnic For You – Join Me!

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Bloggers Picnic FoundSomePaper

Finally, I’m introducing you to the Bloggers Picnic I’m organising end of August. This is for everyone who loves meeting new people. After I joined a few Twitter chats where bloggers mentioned it would be great if there were more events to meet other bloggers I decided to organise an event myself.

So here’s a little introduction of what you can expect at the bloggers picnic.


  • There’ll be a couple of blankets and I’m going to rotate bloggers every 20 minutes so at the end of the day everyone has met everyone
  • Each blanket follows a specific theme and should give you things to do or talk about
  • Sponsors will be part of the bloggers picnic & will be announced a little later (if you want to get involved as a sponsor yourself get in touch with me via email
  • There’ll be goodie bags for everyone (I went to a few bloggers events so far & I think the goodie bags add so much value to an event; you literally take some memories home)
  • There is a small charge for joining the bloggers picnic for various reasons:
    • If you pay you’ll definitely come
    • I want this to look super pretty so there’ll be some (self-made) decorations
    • I want you to have some food & drinks at the picnic
    • You don’t have to bring anything but yourself (and maybe your camera if you fancy it)
  • I want to make this an unforgettable afternoon full of joyful memories


If it rains we can take some shelter underneath the wall which surrounds the park (this is one reason why I love this park; the other reason is, it has a bathroom).

There are only limited tickets available so I can make sure you have a great experience.

Please sign up here!

Don’t hesitate to ask me anything. Will you join me?


Found Canopy – The White Edition

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Canopy Products FoundSomePaper


I found Canopy a while back but completely forgot about them. I remembered I wrote them once on Twitter to ask if they have a plan to expand to the UK. I don’t think it has happened yet but I wanted to introduce you to the website anyway.

So Canopy picks the most stylish and minimalist products from Amazon. That’s it! The idea is so simple but yet amazing. I like to browse their website for cool items. It’s, of course, more than just a shopping website. It’s a community. You can see other people liking items and you can be the one who adds one of those design items to Canopy. You can follow people and create collections. I just have started using it properly but I really like what I see. I already have wish lists on Amazon so this makes it quite convenient.

As I mentioned before, I think so far it just exists in the US. But let me ask them again and update this post with a better information. In the meantime, check out the items I have found on Canopy recently. Ah, how I love white. It’s so clean and minimalist.

  1. Molded Plastic Armchair Rocker in White by Lexmod
  2. BinBin Waste Basket, White by Essey
  3. Converse The Chuck Taylor All Star White Leather Sneaker
  4. White Hardcover Large Plain Notebook by Moleskine
  5. Desktop Starter Set, White by Poppin
  6. Berry Backpack, White by Deux Lux
  7. POV Table Candleholder, White by Menu

Have you ever heard of Canopy? Do you love WHITE as much as I do?


Found A Few Thoughts About 6 Months Blogging

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

6 Months Blogging FoundSomePaper


It’s 6 months ago that I started my blog Found Some Paper. It was a lot of ups and downs. Having a blog doesn’t mean it’s always straight forward. Here are a few thoughts I have about 6 months blogging.

It takes a lot of time. I already reduced my blog posts from four to three a week. I know that there are a few people out there saying you don’t have to post so much but I actually want to. It motivates me to do things and it keeps me thinking, what’s the next step, where do you wanna go etc. I constantly have the feeling I have no time at all. But I don’t mean it in a bad way. If I just think of the opposite – having so much time to relax – I think I wouldn’t be happy because I wouldn’t be productive. I sometimes just have to overcome my laziness and make more time for myself and the development of my blog.

One aspect of blogging is my favourite: meeting and communicating with other people. I’ve met so many awesome people online it’s such an inspiration. I’ve been also lucky meeting a tiny percentage of them offline in London. It’s always such a life boost talking to others, especially if they’re in the same situation (blogging) as you are. I think without the whole blogging community blogging wouldn’t be the same at all. Blogging means so much more than just putting up a post on your blog. It’s the communication around a specific subject or object which makes blogging so interesting as well as valuable.

I started this blog because I wanted to be more creative and I wanted to show other people they’re creative, too. I don’t come from an artistic background but creativity is such an important part in my life I consciously wanted to dedicate more time to it. Just because I haven’t studied anything with art nor are my family artists doesn’t mean I can’t be a creative soul myself. Of course, I struggle keeping up with creative projects whilst having a full-time job but I feel so much better sitting down and create. I’ll improve my time management and use my blog as an invisible timeline/deadline.

Last but not least, I want to recap what has gone well on my blog and share with you my top 5 best blog posts in those 6 months blogging.

  1. Two of my artists I featured on my blog got a lot of traffic from search – Meet John Bramblitt, the blind painter, and Andreas Lie, who projects beautiful landscapes on animals
  2. I really liked talking about my reverse bucket list and it seems a lot of other people enjoyed it too. I even hosted a Twitter chat to talk about everyone’s reverse bucket list
  3. A while ago I made some confessions and revealed some secretive facts about me. It was a bit embarrassing when a colleague saw it and questioned me why I got fired but of course I was very aware that these secrets will be public
  4. I love sharing my thoughts (oh well who doesn’t) and I’m glad that a lot of people commented on my thoughts about creativity. I think I should write more of them
  5. I always try to combine everything with creativity. You’re probably thinking creatively all the time without noticing it. One of my blog posts talks about creativity and job hunting

I’m sure quite a few of you are fairly new bloggers but even if you’re a senior what do you think about blogging? How has it changed you? Has it changed you at all? I’m curious to hear your thoughts on blogging.



Found [5] Inspiring Links On The Internet

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

Links Internet FoundSomePaper


I need to share these inspiring links on the Internet with you. Some are useful and some are just pure fun. You can see in the above picture that I had a lot of fun experimenting with my discoveries. I think I should do this more often. I come across so many cool things on the Internet, some are really inspiring. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Stack Magazines –
As you know, I started a new hobby recently. I’m going to learn everything there is about graphic design. I really enjoy messing around on paper and on the computer with Photoshop. Therefore, I came across this interesting website which sells subscriptions of different independent magazines, a lot of them are inspirational gems. I’m going to sign up for a three-months-subscription and will test this business idea. My first impression of them is definitely great!

Eye On Design –
First of all, I love their logo. It’s so simple (and a little creepy) I can stare at it for ages. Yes, it’s about design again but you’ll find more of this on my blog from now on. I love that my blog is one big platform for experiments. So this website is all about good design. Sneak around the website a little and get lost in many inspirational articles.

Easy Tiger Apps –
Easy Tiger Apps are my absolute favourite at the moment. They’re amazing! I created the above image with one of their apps called Animal Face (pretty straight forward huh?). I also downloaded their app Fused and Font Candy. I need to make some space on my iPhone so that I can download the other apps too. Can’t wait to play around with them more!

Polarr –
I went to a bloggers event organised by the lovely Fiona and told everyone there to use this tool. You can get it for your phone or use it directly on their website. I use it for all my Instagram pictures. You maybe think it’s just another photo editing tool – although I’d say we bloggers can’t have enough of them, right?! You can put filters on your photos and you have a million settings to improve your image. I mainly use Photoshop for my images but sometimes I like to quickly put a filter on my photos and with Polarr it’s so easy and professional. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

Why is drawing important? – Video
I’m trying to draw more. I have difficulties because I discovered I barely draw at all, I really need to make this a habit. I can’t tell if I can draw because I never do it. When I draw something now it probably wouldn’t look nice but then again when do I ever draw? Some genius artists do nothing but draw every day. They have the chance to improve every day. But back to the video; I thought it’s interesting to see drawing as a necessity in this world. Everything we see was drawn first. Watch the video to get a better picture!

I hope these inspiring links on the Internet were quite useful or entertaining for you. If you have anything inspirational in mind, do share it with me in the comments below.


Found Artist Yayoi Kusama

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Artist Yayoi Kusama FoundSomePaper


Seriously, I’m the biggest fan of the artist Yayoi Kusama. Ever since my friend took me to an exhibition in the Tate Modern in London I’m fascinated by her. Yayoi Kusama’s art work is stunning. I love love love the Infinity Mirror Room and I’ve been lucky to experience it twice – once in London and once in Copenhagen which I wrote about on the blog here. As you can see in the photos she specialized in painting and creating dots (at least for a while). Or shall I say she was obsessed with it? Her medium was literally everything: painting, drawing, sculpture, installation art, performance art, film, fiction, fashion, writing.

Let’s start with some facts about her!

  • Yayoi Kusama was born in Japan
  • Today, she is 86 years old
  • As early as 10 she started to put her hallucinations (of polka dots) down on paper and then continued to cover everything she could think of including ladders, shoes, walls, and naked assistants
  • When she was 48 years old she voluntarily admitted herself to a hospital in Tokyo, where she is still today performing art in a nearby studio
  • She is a feminist and minimalist
  • She wrote an open letter to Richard Nixon offering to have vigorous sex with him if he would stop the Vietnam war
  • Something really interesting she said: “If it were not for art, I would have killed myself a long time ago.”
  • Watch ‘Kusama’s Self-Obliteration‘ but don’t get crazy

I can continue for ages but really you can find everything about her on the Internet. I just wanted to introduce you to my favourite artist Yayoi Kusama.

I desperately want to read her autobiography. I’m particularly interested why she became an artist. I read that she was physically abused by her mother and that she developed obsessions early on in her childhood. I know not every artist has a tough childhood but I do see sometimes a connection between psychology and art. It’s definitely a fascinating topic.

What do you think about the artist Yayoi Kusama? Have you heard of her before?


Artist Yayoi Kusama 2 FoundSomePaper

Found 3 Wonderful Destinations in Europe

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

I finally want to introduce you to all the destinations I have been to this year so far, excluding Iceland which I already wrote about here. It’s an amazing country but today I want to talk about three other wonderful destinations in Europe. You probably heard about two of them already but I’ll tell you some secretive spots you need to visit. Let’s start with the first one.

3 Wonderful Destinations In Europe Paris FoundSomePaper


Needless to say I love Paris, especially in summer time. This year I didn’t just visit the city of love but surprised my boyfriend with a trip to Disneyland. Seriously, it’s not just for kids. We had such a great day with our friends. Grab your besties and spend a day in Disneyland; you won’t regret it!

Furthermore, here are 3 of my most favourite things to do in Paris:

  • Forget a boat trip on the Thames! Go up north and discover secretive tunnels and listen to the stories of romantic Paris on a boat along the St Martins Canal
  • Hang out at the bar Le Comptoir général in the evening. We almost didn’t find it because it’s just a green door to a courtyard you walk into until you can see a building. At the door you’re asked to donate anything you want. I like this method. This bar was recommended by my Airbnb host Valentine by the way. It’s by the St Martins Canal which is a meeting point for young people in the evening. Everyone was enjoying food and drinks by the water. It looked amazing!
  • Last but not least, I can only recommend booking an Airbnb place. This is the third time I used Airbnb (Iceland was another experience) and I’m absolutely satisfied. Stay in this beautiful Parisian flat of Valentine if you’re visiting Paris. I left a great review for her

I hope these short and sweet recommendations for Paris are useful for you.




On to my second amazing holiday this year. I couldn’t just say Stockholm because Sweden has so much more to offer. I went to experience the traditional Swedish midsummer and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I introduced you to the Swedish midsummer in a previous post here. My favourite part was creating a beautiful flower crown. I couldn’t help my creative self to try making one myself after a friend helped me with the base.

It was my first time in Stockholm and I’m telling you this was definitely not my last time. This city is just beautiful. If there was summer all year-long this would be the city I want to move to. But as I said before, Stockholm is not the only place you should visit.

Here are 3 things you have to do when in Sweden:

  • In Stockholm make sure you visit the islands around it. We went to the island Fjäderholmarna. I particularly liked the arts and crafts studios (surprise!) and couldn’t resist buying two cute little glass vases with a touch of blue and purple colour after we observed the making. Check them out on my Instagram account. I’m in love!
  • Another location to visit in Stockholm is the photography museum Fotografiska. The exhibitions change all the time but I love visiting modern museums in different cities, so this is a must. It’s also a very cool building
  • You probably have never heard of Öregrund or Gräsö but this is where we spent midsummer. I think the best is to rent a car and drive around Sweden. It’s stunning! Because Gräsö is an island and Öregrund is right by the sea you have everything you can dream of: nature, sea, cute Swedish houses and friendly people




Last but not least, there is Poznan in Poland. I’m sure you haven’t been to Poznan. I had no idea what a great little city it is. I accidentally spent a night in Poznan on the way to a Polish wedding. I’m so glad I came across this city because it completely changed my mind about Poland. I never saw it as an attractive country to visit – sorry, Poland! – but it was a mistake thinking that. The city is vibrant, full of young and cheap. I haven’t chosen the cheapest countries/cities this year – Iceland, Paris, and Sweden are all quite expensive. But hello Poznan!

I can imagine Poznan is quite a cool city for a stag do or hen do. Check out these 3 must dos in Poznan:

  • Stay in Rosemary’s Hostel. It’s right in the center and soo affordable. We even had a double-room with a really nice bathroom (it was even better than the bathroom of the castle we stayed in the next day for the wedding)
  • Then there is this bar called Pijalnia. There’s one right at the opposite of the hostel but there are a few more in Poznan. You get beer, wine and of course vodka (with different flavours) for €1 (=£0.70 or $1.10). Did I leave you speechless?
  • I noticed Poznan is such a beautiful city – a mix of traditional building/palaces and modern houses. I wish I had more time to walk around the city. Guess I need to come back and explore it more. Friends of ours stayed at a fake beach by the river. I’ve seen photos; it reminded me of Berlin

Have you ever been to one of these cities/countries? Which one is your favourite?


Found A New Hobby: Graphic Design

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Hobby Graphic Design FoundSomePaper


Of course my blog is my hobby but I wanted to do something more specific and my blog will be a great platform to share things I create with my new hobby Graphic Design. I’m quite a visual person and I adore people who put things so perfectly together.

I feel sometimes the older I get the more I know what I want. Because you could ask me why didn’t you study Graphic Design when you were younger? The answer is quite simple but maybe not very satisfying. I just had no idea what it was and I never felt very creative in my life. I don’t come from an artistic family but I always had a light interest in design and creativity. I tried a few things but I never dedicated my time to something specific. Yes, it’s a little sad but it’s definitely not too late. I don’t imagine being a proper Graphic Designer to be honest but I really want to learn more about it. I don’t know yet what I’ll do with it but maybe this is the beginning of something great – I just don’t know yet what this will be.

I want you to follow my progress. I always use my blog as motivation to be active and creative and I hope that you enjoy reading about my journey.

Let me tell you about the first steps I took to get ready for studying Graphic Design.

  • I bought 3 books about Graphic Design to cover the basics
    Graphic Design School by David Dabner / Sandra Stewart / Eric Zempol
    Graphic Design. A Concise History by Richard Hollis
    The Graphic Design Exercise Book by Jessica Glaser
  • I started watching videos on about Graphic Design, Typography, Layout & Composition etc. >> I’m lucky to use through my work who offered a subscription to every employee but I can tell you already it’s worth signing up
  • My boyfriend bought me a super cool INTUOS Wacom creative pen tablet which I fell in love with (he’s such a sweetheart!)
  • And of course I bought myself a few notebooks

There are a few next steps for the upcoming six months. I do want to do a weekend course for Graphic Design beginners at the University of Arts London soon. I was told there will be another weekend course in October. I know basics in Photoshop but definitely need some improvement. I think I can teach myself with videos. I don’t have any knowledge of InDesign and Illustrator but this is on top of my list now and I probably do a beginners’ course for both as well. I’m really good in teaching myself but it’s much quicker when I learn the basics professionally.

I hope you’ll see a change in my imagery on my blog soon. I’m very excited about learning everything there is about Graphic Design. My blog is fantastic to show some results. I don’t expect it to be good at the beginning but I hope I’ll progress quickly.

Is there a hobby you started recently? What do you think about Graphic Design? I’d love your feedback on the idea.


Found 10 Things I Love / Hate – A Nomination

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Love Hate Tag FoundSomePaper


This was a very interesting nomination from Tarnya and her blog Sweet Allure. Thanks for nominating me! Or shall I better say thanks for tagging me?!

How it works:

  • Reveal 10 things you love
  • Share another 10 things you hate
  • Tag 10 bloggers to spread the word

I make it short for you guys. Here we go!


10 things I love

Creative challenges
Books about psychology & society
Latte Macchiato
Graphic Design
Meeting inspiring people


10 things I hate

Making the bed
Dying plants
No Internet connection
Dry cleaners


I’m tagging

Natalie Tamara /The Tofu Diaries
Peace And Blessings
Fashion Quirks
Rachel Amy Reads
Simply Sassy Style
Travellous World
My So Kohl’d Life
Rent or Chanel?
Living In A Dream



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