Found The Perfect November Mood Board

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

November Mood Board FoundSomePaper


All my monthly mood boards reflect what happened in the previous month. November is almost over therefore I want to tell you a little bit about what has inspired me to create the November Mood Board.

Beginning of November was actually quite warm. Only in the last two weeks it got more wintery cold. But I still don’t mind. Since I lived in Singapore I appreciate seasons much more. I love that we actually have four seasons, all quite different if you think about it. I bought myself some nice Winter dresses and I’m absolutely in love with the ASOS oversized scarf which looks more like a blanket. But apart from the weather what have I been up to?

Big news first! I quit my job. Yes, it’s not an illusion. By the end of this year I won’t have a full-time job any more. I have lots of plans which I will reveal in an extra blog post soon. So stay tuned if you want to know what’s happening next.

Apart from quitting my job this month, I co-organised two events with ToandTO. I absolutely loved it! If you have missed our sketchbook event or our bloggers meet creatives event you should check them out. It was such a pleasure meeting so many inspiring people and I can’t wait to continue next year.

I was also talking for ages that I want to get out of London and explore the UK more. Finally, I spent a weekend in Manchester and Chester. Quite random but the reason was that I wanted to visit the Christmas market in Manchester and we combined this with a visit of my boyfriend’s mate. I loved the Manchester Christmas market because it’s much more similar to the German Christmas markets. I was also very surprised how beautiful Chester is. I need to share some photos with you soon.

That was pretty much my month. I started creating some DIY Christmas presents and one of my favourite hot drinks is mulled wine again this season. I quite loved this month since it had two of my favourite things in it: fireworks (Guy Fawkes Celebration – only knew about this when I moved to London) and Christmas markets.

Tell me about your month. What have you been up to?



Found The Best Christmas Gifts For Book Lovers This Year

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Christmas Gifts For Book Lovers FoundSomePaper


I really really like this gift guide because I’m obsessed with books. I can’t wait to introduce you to the best Christmas gifts for book lovers this year. You will see that these books are all non-fiction. I’m afraid you won’t find a thriller amongst my book suggestion. All the books below reflect a little bit my personality – or better, it’s the kind of person I want to be.

What is that person? It’s someone who loves design, who can’t stop thinking about creativity, who is obsessed with learning new things every day, someone who wants to be a better person and who experiments a lot in order to find out what is fun, what is meaningful and what supports personal progress.

The books below are a mix of pretty pictures, deep thoughts, inspiration and information. They’re about design, being boss, being kind and about how to surround yourself with creativity. Although this blog post is part of a series of Christmas gift guides I have the feeling it couldn’t be more accurate about what my life should look like. Does that make sense?

I haven’t read all of the books below but they’re definitely on my wish list. I can imagine that a creative and curious mind will love these kind of books.

If you’ve missed my previous gift guides you can check them out here:

Last gift guide (to be published on Thursday, 3rd December 2015):

  • Best Christmas Gifts For Everyone (things you can’t categorise but also not resist)

Have you already got all your Christmas presents for this year?




Outside The Lines // Everywhere is anywhere is anything is… // Big Magic (my sister is getting me this book)



Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits // Cubed // The Art of Getting Started



I Like Giving // Creative Confidence (I’ve read this one)// Moonwalking With Einstein



Maximize Your Potential (I’ve read this one)// The Book Of Strange New Things // Women in Art



The Wes Anderson Collection // The Age of Collage // Things Come Apart


Found A Little Black Box

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Little Black Box TNT 2 FoundSomePaper


It’s time for another box again! This time it’s a little black box sent by TNT. If you follow my blog you know that I’m the queen of boxes (yes, that’s what I’m calling myself modestly).

Previous boxes included:

Back to box number five! I received this little black box full of black gems such as a Moleskin notebook, chocolate, coffee, tea lights and more. I love the ‘colour’ black because it’s timeless and elegant. You can’t do it wrong with black, can you? I’m far from being gothic but I love this feeling of being dressed all in black sometimes. I’m invisible and I stand out at the same time.

One of the products in the box was a black lipstick. I couldn’t resist trying it out so check out the picture of me wearing the black lipstick here. What do you think?

With Black Friday coming up, I’d like to share with you my favourite five black products for the kitchen. Just picture a white kitchen with all these products in it. Dreamy, right?!

Little Black Box TNT FoundSomePaper

  1. La Cafetiere Black Classic 6 Cup Stovetop Espresso
  2. Herdmar “Oslo Black” 18/10 Stainless Steel 5-Piece Place Setting
  3. Craft Design Technology Scissors – black from Japan – Made in Japan
  4. Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover, Black
  5. Lynns Granite 16-Piece Dinner Set, Black Sand

What is your favourite black product?


And psst… if you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts this year you should also check out my gift guides for her, for him and for creatives.



Found Some Thoughts About Art

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Thoughts About Art FoundSomePaper


I’m new to this world, therefore I want to share some thoughts about art with you. It’s a very individual perspective and what I’m about to say are thoughts and not facts.

I don’t have an artistic background, i.e. I haven’t studied art, my family has never showed a lot of interest in art and I wasn’t that child sketching on paper whenever I had time or even when I should have concentrated on something else. I love a story like that – a story telling I’ve always been drawn to art and I couldn’t exist without it – but that’s not my story. My story is a bit different. I can see that I have been creative over the last decades because my parents have a few paintings and collages made by me hanging on their wall at home. I think I saw making and creating and drawing more as giving it as a gift rather than as spending time to explore art. I don’t think that’s a wrong thing but it also tells me I’ve never thought about art properly.

Art was never an option for my career. I don’t even know if it’s appropriate to have ‘career’ and ‘art’ in one sentence. Does it fit together? Here are my thoughts about what art means to me.

  • Art is freedom + Lately, I was thinking if there’s one thing I could do if money wasn’t an object it would be being an artist. Of course, there are many struggling artists out there – you need some money to survive – but you would still be free to create whatever you want.
  • Art has many definitions + Art is such a broad term I don’t even know where to start with its possibilities. From drawing, to painting, to sculpturing, to collaging, to staging and so on. It can be sometimes overwhelming.
  • Art expands your mind + I discovered how happy I am when I make things. All of a sudden I have all these thoughts and ideas, it’s almost like taking drugs (not that I have done that though). Art gives you the freedom of endless thoughts.

The question to myself and to you is: Is it possible to start exploring art when you’re older (I mean older than 10 and maybe older than a student) and is it crazy to have the vision of being an artist in the future? It scares me to ask this question but I have this great desire to really get into it. I might not come out as an artist – when is an artist an artist anyway?! – but I want to explore the freedom, the possibilities and the growth of the mindset.

What is your perspective on art?



Found The Best Christmas Gifts For Creatives This Year

Thursday, November 19th, 2015



This is my third gift guide for this year. I’ve already published the best Christmas gifts for her and him. Today I present you the best Christmas gifts for creatives this year. You know my blog is all about creativity and it has been a great journey for me this year. I really enjoy finding the best Christmas gifts for everyone and I hope this can be of great help for you.

Half of my presents for my family will be self-made, the other presents will be something they wished for. That reminds me I have to actually ask them what they wish for Christmas. What are your plans for this Christmas? I really can’t wait to go home and spend more than a week with my family and also see some friends from back home. I already wanted to buy a Christmas tree last weekend but unfortunately our local flower person didn’t show up at the market. You can see I’m a little obsessed with Christmas.

With no further words about Christmas, here’s the next gift guide for you. Let me know what you think!



Desktop Hand Pen Holder // Triangles vinyl lettering wall art // Kinfolk Magazine Subscription



Wall Decal Zodiac Art by Elise Mahan // Knowledge in the Brain Bookends // Smartphone Projector



Adobe Ink Stylus for iPad // Kikkerland Design Invisible Playing Cards // MoMA Sky Umbrella



Creative Walls // Oil and Acrylic Brush Set // Block Sketch Desk Tidy



Space Bullet Space Pen // Architecture Mug // Doodles at Dinner Placemats

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  • Best Christmas Gifts: Books (because never stop learning & exploring)
  • Best Christmas Gifts For Everyone (things you can’t categorise)

What is your favourite gift so far?


Found A New Monthly Blogroll – November

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Monthly Blogroll November FoundSomePaper


This is already the third time that I’m sharing my monthly blogroll with you. Have a look at the September and October blogroll if you have missed them. I just love reading other blogs and started to share my appreciation on my own blog. It’s important for me to not only share the biggest blogs with you but I can promise you, big or small, they’re absolutely worth reading. Aaaaaand, here you go!

No 1. I Love Illustration
I think the name says it all. This blog by Amsterdam based creative director Anneke Krull is one big inspiration. She not only talks about the most talented illustrators out there she also recently published her first online magazine, which shows women illustrated by artists from all over the world. If you’re ever in need of some inspiration you know where to go. I’m not an illustrator myself but I enjoy other people’s work and just by looking at these talents I’m very motivated to start something on my own. Anneke also shares some very interesting links on her Twitter feed every now and then.

No.2 The House That Lars Built
I purely stopped by this blog because of its name. I love love love the blog name. It’s so unique and when I read it I asked myself what is this blog about?! This is a perfect example of how to attract someone’s attention. So what is this blog about? The description couldn’t be shorter and more precise: an artful life. Brittany Watson Jepsen is the face behind The House That Lars Built. If you’re looking for a cool DIY project, if you’re interested in design, if you’re looking for delicious recipes or if you just want to get a glimpse of Brittany’s beautiful life you will love this blog.

No.3 Strum Simmer Sip
It’s a long time ago I’ve spoken to Lisa. She was one of the first bloggers I met online and who was very supportive from day one. I really enjoyed talking to her on Twitter and on my blog. I lost a little bit contact with her but I never stopped following her blog. That’s why I wanted to take the chance to introduce her blog Strum Simmer Sip to you. I’m especially quite jealous of her amazing travels. I have seen her smile only on photos but I can already tell this girl is so much fun; pure happiness. I’d love to meet her one day.

What do you think? Do you like any of the above blogs?



Found & Loved the Creative Networking Event With Bloggers

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

Creative Networking Event FoundSomePaper


One week after our sketchbook event we hosted another awesome creative networking event, this time at the Old Paradise Yard in London. We invited four bloggers and creatives to the event who shared their insights on blogging and social media as well as being active as a creative person. Let me introduce you to our panelists from that day because it’s so worth checking out their blogs.

Julia from Stylonylon

I love Julia’s blog. It’s mainly a fashion blog but then it’s so much more as well. Julia discovered her love for photography when she started her blog and ever since evolves in her passion. I could have listened to Julia for hours – I kind of did when I met her before the event and then at the creative networking event itself – because her passion about blogging, photography and social media is endless. She gave me and the participants of the event a lot to think about, how we can improve our blogs and how we can do what we love.

Teri from The Lovely Drawer

I was very happy that Teri joined us that night. Her blog The Lovely Drawer is not only lovely it is amazing. Her content is quite niche compared to all the fashion, beauty and food bloggers out there. On top of that she manages to bring some personal stories into her content which makes you love her even more. I was curious to know how she manages such a successful blog and her creative business at the same time.

Anna from A Little Bit Of Almost Everything

A Little Bit Of Almost Everything is Anna’s blog and you can probably guess what kind of content she publishes there. Thanks to her blog, she got discovered by Marcroy and is now an author of People of Print – “created as a library of illustrators, designers and printers both creatively and commercially with the purpose of educating and inspiring”. I was fascinated by Anna’s story and how she found a way to spread her love of design online and offline.

Jasper from Justified

Jasper is a graphic designer and art director who started an online magazine / blog called Justified which quickly turned into a quarterly print magazine. Jasper has many talents and uses these to build his unique portfolio. It was interesting to get his opinion on how important it is to have an online presence nowadays.

Here are the top three things I took away from that evening:

  • Blogging (and social media) is hard work which pays off though if you’re really dedicated
  • Instagram is THE social media platform for having great conversations with other people although it’s not a traffic driver to your website / blog
  • Great things can happen when you’re patient, consistent, and curious. Don’t be shy to get in touch with others – brands & people – to let them know your love of things

The event was a real success! People felt comfortable and participated in the Q&A with the bloggers and creatives. The evening was rounded up by a speed networking session where people could get to know one another. I think I was a bit rubbish moving people around every five minutes but I think they had some awesome conversations with the panelists and the other guests.

Let me know if you’re interested in more events like these because I might organise more with ToandTO in the next year.


Creative-Networking-Event-FoundSomePaper-1 copy

Creative-Networking-Event-FoundSomePaper-2 copy

Creative-Networking-Event-FoundSomePaper-3 copy

Creative-Networking-Event-FoundSomePaper-4 copy

Creative-Networking-Event-FoundSomePaper-5 copy

Creative-Networking-Event-FoundSomePaper-6 copy

Creative-Networking-Event-FoundSomePaper-7 copy

Creative-Networking-Event-FoundSomePaper-8 copy

Found The Best Christmas Gifts For Him This Year

Thursday, November 12th, 2015



Last week I shared my first Christmas gift guide for her with you. This week I’m happy to present to you the best Christmas gifts for him this year. I know it can be quite difficult to find the right present and it’s useful to have some gift guides on various blogs. I hope you can find something for your dad, boyfriend, brother, or mate on my one.

I’ll probably mention it in all my upcoming blog posts but half of my presents this year will be self-made. It’s quite a challenge for myself but I really want to add more value to a present and also show that I’m creative. I think that’s probably the main reason. For me it’s not enough to just write about creativity, I have to prove it to myself that I can do the work. I can’t reveal anything as of yet, otherwise my family knows already what they get, but you can sign up to my newsletter and I share the experience with you there.

Back to the men’s gift guide. I hope you’ll find something below.



Men Sweatpants // Vans Authentic (Star Wars) Yoda Aloha Shoes // Good&God Canvas Carry On Weekend Bag



Seven Brief Lessons on Physics // Aedle VK-1 Classic Edition // August Smart Lock



Black Charcoal Toothbrush // Chrome Yalta 2.0 // Rebels Darth Vader Mask



3.0 Smartphone Controlled Airplane // Bang by Marc Jacobs // Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable



Wool Felt MiniJournal // A1 Glare-Free OLED Table Lamp // Glow in The Dark Star Map

Previous gift guides:

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  • Best Christmas Gifts For Creatives (things which make you happy & more productive)
  • Best Christmas Gifts: Books (because never stop learning & exploring)
  • Best Christmas Gifts For Everyone (things you can’t categorise)

How many gifts do you have to get this year?



Found Project La Shuks by Artist Katie Mac

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Artist LaShuks FoundSomePaper


I literally found the La Shuks artworks by artist Katie Mac at the Affordable Art Fair a few weeks ago. Although there were many talented and fascinated artists represented at the art fair, La Shuks stood out. I think I always choose art I would love to make myself. It’s definitely the case with La Shuks.

Katie Mac is a printer and illustrator from the UK with an interesting background. She grew up in countries like Korea, Hong Kong, Dubai and Scotland and continued to live in many other countries in her adulthood years such as Australia, North America, London and Brighton. Having lived in such different countries she’s a lot influenced by her experiences and these are reflected in her artworks.

I particularly like her colour combinations. Mixed Media is also something I’m really interested in and I can’t wait to explore it further. I even think about visiting a course to learn it properly. Combining the real world with a fantasy world absolutely works for me. Both worlds are so beautiful in La Shuks. There is a third element Katie Mac uses in her artworks: vectors. Have a look at my triangle obsession and you know why I love it. I still imagine having a library and a gallery in my big future house. There has to be at least one La Shuks artwork in it for sure.

What do you think about Katie Mac’s art? Do you love her as much as I do?


Artist LaShuks FoundSomePaper

Artist LaShuks FoundSomePaper

Artist LaShuks FoundSomePaper

Found Sketchbooks Are Dead: A ToandTO Event

Sunday, November 8th, 2015



On Wednesday, we hosted our first ToandTO event  – since I joined in August – at Hackney Down Studios in East London. Pam and Smart did a fantastic job setting up an exhibition like room with a few tables in the middle for our sketchbook drawings and speed networking session.

The atmosphere was exactly what we had in mind: a cosy room where people can mingle and enjoy the sketchbook exhibition. It was also all about the little details at the event. When people arrived they had the chance to look at the 16 different sketchbooks which were presented on shelves, Pam and Smart extra built for this event. Each sketchbook was quite unique and I almost got lost in so much talent. This definitely motivated me to start a sketchbook myself (it’s on my New Year’s resolutions list already)!

As you can see in the pictures below we collaborated with Winostudio to create bespoke new sketchbooks for the participants. These were later used to draw each other. We’re going to scan the results and put them on the ToandTO website (link to follow). Time was flying on that evening because there was so much happening and so many people to get to know. We had free drinks for everyone and the lovely Lena who is a chef and psychology student made some delicious snacks.

Why I loved this event so much? I loved meeting people through the act of being creative. I’ve been to many networking events and I really enjoyed them. But I never had the opportunity to be creative myself at these events and to meet so many people I know are interested in art and design. The speed networking session is an element we want to include in all our ToandTO events by the way. I can’t wait to host our second sketchbook event next year.

A big thank you to our supporters who made the event special:
Pentel (pens)
Gary Lyon (candles) – pssst… win a candle on my blog here
Winostudio (sketchbooks)
Soda Folk (soft drinks)
Five Points Brewery (beer)
Freixenet (prosecco)
Lena’s Mood Food Journal (catering)

Join us at the next creative networking event on Wednesday, 11th November 2015. It’s going to be an evening full of inspiration. It gives you the opportunity to meet new like-minded people as well.

Sign up here

Have you ever been to a similar event? I’d be interested in your experiences.













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