Found The Power Of Typography

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

Why Fonts Matter Sarah Hyndman FoundSomePaper


I don’t know if you remember but I started a new hobby last year: graphic design. Sometimes I ask myself why I didn’t start earlier with this; i love it. But then my attitude about life is ‘Don’t regret anything’ and ‘It’s never too late to start’. I hope you’re with me on that one.

I regularly go to networking events and one of my favourite events is Creative Mornings. I’ve written about this one and a couple of other creative networking events here. The last time I went I listen to the speaker Sarah Hyndman. She’s a graphic designer but furthermore she made it her goal to test fonts psychologically with Type Tasting. It’s no secret that different fonts create different perceptions, e.g. some fonts look cold or warm. But Sarah Hyndman takes this one step further. She creates proper experiments with fonts and tests the reaction to them with people who are not necessarily graphic designers. It seems typography can be sometimes just for graphic designers but with a little knowledge it’s easier to understand the psychology behind it. I’m sure you also know that I love reading about psychology so this talk was just perfect for me. In a nutshell, Sarah Hyndman tells stories about typography and brings fonts closer to people. Afterall, typography is storytelling, isn’t it?

The talk was opened with a question about how we like our coffee and which font we could associate with it. Below are the font examples which were presented to us. Maybe look at the word ‘coffee’ first and decide for yourself which one attracts you the most, then read the rest.


Coffee 1

Coffee 2
Coffee 3

I was very fascinated by her words about typography. I love that typography has so much power. Of course, power can always be abused like the example of targeting a new generation of smokers mentioned by Sarah in her TED talk here. But let’s stay positive because fonts can be a lot of fun. And that’s really what graphic designer Sarah Hyndman wants to communicate to everyone by using all five senses when exploring typography.

She just published a book called ‘Why Fonts Matter’ which I wanted to buy at the Creative Mornings talk but it was immediately sold out. Well, it’s another exciting book on my list now. Go and check out her website ‘Type Tasting’ and if you have any questions Sarah Hyndman is such an open-minded personality she’s always curious about connecting with other people.

What do you think about the power of typography?


Why Fonts Matter

Found Some Questions About Your Creativity

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016



Are you creative? You probably struggle to answer that question or you’d immediately answer ‘no’ because you don’t think you’re creative. I can only assume that you probably associate being creative with having a talent such as drawing, crafting, designing, singing, dancing or writing. Creative people might be able to draw or write but that doesn’t mean you’re not creative because you can’t do these things. I want to show you why you’re perfectly capable of living a creative life without having an artistic ability.

Have a look at the seven signs of creativity below and let me know after you read the blog post if you see you’re a creative person. By the way, you don’t have to answer all the questions with a ‘yes’ in order to claim you’re a creative person. One is already enough. Furthermore, there are probably even more signs showcasing that you’re creative. I don’t think there’s only one definition of creativity. Creativity is very subjective and can be seen in so many different environments, not only in the art industry.

Here we go, let’s start with some questions about your creativity!

  1. Do you love challenges?
    Without challenges your life would be boring. You want to change your job? So you’re looking for a new one. You really want to travel to India alone? So you take on that challenge. You want to renovate your apartment? You can’t wait to do it. Whatever challenge you’re willing to take on, big or small, it means you’re not going the easy way, you use your creativity to make it happen.
  2. Do you never stop learning?
    Being curious about the world and wanting to learn more things definitely means being creative. You broaden your horizon with whatever you’re interested in – learning a new language, getting better at photography or learning how to cook. Even if these new skills won’t immediately result in an action you already have it for the moment you’ll need it.
  3. Are you a problem solver?
    That is an easy one and I can imagine almost everyone is or tries to be a problem solver. How can you solve a problem? By finding new solutions. If there’s a guide for every problem in this world then yes, we might not be as creative because we can just look them up and follow the instructions. But there are so many unique problems out there you need your creativity to connect the dots.
  4. Do you try to ignore doubts?
    Doubts and fear are two enemies of creativity. Most likely everyone is scared or doubts herself / himself at one point. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Nevertheless, I think we try to fight these fears and doubts and every time we do that we use our creativity. We imagine how we succeed and we use our fantasy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re creative by finding ways not to shy away from fears but overcome them for the better.
  5. Are you looking for inspiration?
    Looking for inspiration is the first step to living a creative life. It can be in form of an online research or in form of surrounding yourself with other creative people, people who inspire you. In my opinion, someone who tries to get inspired all the time is hardly not creative. Otherwise, why do you need so much inspiration? What do you want to do with it? Just staring at it or does it help you to come up with new ideas?
  6. Do you have goals?
    I think it’s very creative to have goals and to fulfill them. It means you’re a person with visions for your future. By taking action you’re going to make it happen. Of course, you might have goals like losing weight or tidying the house more often and they don’t sound like you need creativity to execute these goals but don’t be mistaken. There are so many ways to reach these kind of goals and it’s up to you how you do it. You might look for inspiration, change something so it suits you or come up with easier ways. All these ideas require creative thinking. Is your goal to travel more? Then you need to find out where to go and plan your trip. You create your own path.
  7. Do you create?
    This is probably the most obvious one and probably the one which is closer to what you think ‘being creative’ means. But I don’t only mean creating art or designs. Think about all the presents you wrap up or the birthday parties you organise for your friends. Think about the dinners you cook for your lover or the stories you make up for your niece. All these little things you might not notice are creative. You probably just see them as natural. So maybe creativity is natural?!

All the above points have one thing in common: they need action. Creativity is going hand in hand with doing, producing, executing and creating. I agree if you don’t do anything then you’re not creative. But if you’re working on your future, if you’re finding new ways to make your life exciting, if you’re thinking how to make your friends and family happy then it’s hard for me to say you’re not creative.

There are really different ways to be creative. You can also be artistic but we can talk about this another time (or if you’re interested I already started a discussion on being an artist here).

So if you feel creative leave a comment below.



Found 5 Inspiring TED Talks About Creativity

Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Inspiring Ted Talks About Creativity FoundSomePaper


Do you love TED talks as much as I do? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you’ll love the following five inspiring TED talks about creativity. Have you asked yourself why they’re so addictive? I have and I also know the answer. They tell you that everything is possible. It’s so easy to get caught up in obstacles, lack of time and self-doubt. But when we hear other people’s stories, especially when they communicate that they’re like you and me, then we forget everything and just feel this huge urge to make things happen, maybe even to change the world.

Let me introduce you to the following five inspiring TED talks about creativity and tell you why I think they’re brilliant.

Dustin Yellin: A Journey Through The Mind Of An Artist
How often do you actually listen to the thoughts and ideas of an artist? This is a great TED talk about Dustin Yellin’s mind and what art means to him. He especially mentions making relationships and creating stories. I recently had a coffee date with a new friend (Britt from Sea of Atlas) and we talked about art. She said to me that art is telling a story. It doesn’t matter if the story begins before, whilst or after you start creating. But there is meaning behind an artwork. Taking a pretty picture might not be necessarily art. It was a great point worth thinking about. Before I tell you all about how Dustin Yellin’s mind works watch the short video and make sure to listen to the end. He has an interesting conclusion.

Watch the video here!

Linda Hill: How To Manage For Collective Creativity
This brilliant TED talk is about great leadership. But don’t stop reading there. Even if you’re not a leader or think you’ll never be one there’s so much more to take away from this talk. It’s about how innovation can evolve by sharing your ideas with others; in other words by collaborating with others. Linda Hill also talks about how unimportant ego is for innovation. You probably wouldn’t know the founders of successful businesses like Pixar or Google and that’s exactly the point. Their leaders built an empire of talented people who make things happen. It’s not a one-man show. In m opinion, not many companies have this spirit of collaboration. Maybe this is one reason why I chose to leave big companies and explore the industry on my own terms. Nevertheless, this TED talk is highly inspirational.

Watch the video here!

Shimpei Takahashi: Play This Game To Come Up With Original Ideas
Okay, this guy is talking super fast and you have to hurry up reading the subtitles but it’s absolutely amazing what he has to say. How do you start thinking about new ideas? Are you going for a walk or do you sit down at your desk? Do you do some online research or talk to people? Actually, it shouldn’t matter how you start thinking about an idea. There shouldn’t be any rules. Shimpei Takahashi describes a fun way of coming up with original ideas. I really liked his approach of connecting random words or items with another in order to develop new things. This fantastic TED talk just showed me that in order to come up with ideas you shouldn’t be restricted to any rules or methods; plus there are no such things as silly ideas.

Watch the video here!

Mac Barnett:  Why A Good Book Is A Secret Door
The TED talk starts with a quote from Picasso “We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand. […]”. In a nutshell, Mac Barnett writes children’s books. He says himself that his job is to tell lies to children. It sounds quite harsh but what he’s telling the audience in those 17 minutes is fascinating. I think children are fascinating. Those little creatures truly see the world differently. I think it’s a blessing being surrounded by children and see the world through their eyes every now and then. Mac Barnett’s stories are funny and after the TED talk has finished I was left with the feeling I want to let my fantasy go wild. I literally imagined to have a whale as a pet. Watch the video and you know what I mean.

Watch the video here!

Maya Penn: Meet A Young Entrepreneur, Cartoonist, Designer, Activist…
I don’t know about you but I’m fascinated by young people who have such strong visions in their lives. Furthermore, they’re absolutely driven by energy and creativity, like Maya Penn. She was 8 years old when she started her business. She wasn’t even aware of it being a business at the beginning but because she made things she loved people noticed it and were wondering where they can get these products. Just imagine you’re 8 years old again, or 13 as Maya Penn is now. You obviously wouldn’t think about how to make money or that you need to make money to survive. You probably would do what you love. I’m sure we had a lot more hobbies when we were young. Now, we have jobs which occupy most of our time. There’s some real substance behind the question ‘what would you do if money was no object?’. Get inspired by this young lady and start being creative now.

Watch the video here!

Feeling inspired? What’s your most favourite TED talk?


Found Artist Fei Alexeli And Fell In Love

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Fei Alexeli 1 FoundSomePaper


When I found artist Fei Alexeli I fell in love with her art. I started reading about her and discovered that this girl has many talents. Originally from Greece, Fei moved to the UK in order to study architecture. That’s when she discovered her passion for digital art. But her story and talent doesn’t stop there. Artist Fei Alexeli is also a photographer and illustrator. I’m wondering what she’s not capable of. She seems to me like a super woman of art. At least, I’ve found an exceptional inspiration for me.

I’m starting my art course ‘Mixed Media – Drawing & Collage’ this Sunday and I really can’t wait. I’m so excited. I’ve been off work for a couple of weeks now and I truly love it. But I still need to find a routine for creating. At the moment it’s a lot of admin I’m doing. Yes, I’m getting things done but I haven’t found the mindset yet to actually start creating properly. I’m saying mindset because I now definitely have the time. Not having time is not always the problem.

But back to artist Fei Alexeli. When I saw her artworks I felt these butterflies in my stomach. It’s not a coincidence that I found her. She’s going to inspire me when I start my art course. I’m curious what she comes up with next. That’s my favourite with contemporary artists: they still create new artworks constantly.

What do you think of artist Fei Alexeli?


PS: Did you notice a similarity of my logo and Fei’s digital collage? It must be fate because I just discovered her…

Fei Alexeli 2 FoundSomePaper

Fei Alexeli 3 FoundSomePaper

Fei Alexeli 5 FoundSomePaper

Found New Blogs in January 2016

Monday, January 18th, 2016

New Blogs In January 2016 FoundSomePaper


This is one of my favourite blog posts on Found Some Paper. I love reading other people’s blogs and therefore I want to introduce you to new blogs every month. Enjoy reading about my new discoveries below: new blogs in January 2016.

No. 1 Graphique Fantastique
I have mentioned Natasha from Graphique Fantastique a couple of times on my blog before but I realised I have never mentioned her as part of my monthly blogroll. I had to change that since her blog is one of the blogs I read the most. It’s all about her ‘fantastique’ design life. Natasha visits places where you can get inspired by design, she finds tools which make your creative life easier and she also recently started to document her life in video format. I watched her Vlogmas videos every day (PS: I’m not a stalker, Natasha!). Head over to Garphique Fantastique for a boost of creativity!

No. 2 Lucie Loves
I literally found Lucie only a week ago but I immediately liked what I saw. Her blog Lucie Loves is so diverse. She talks about art, fashion, photography, travel, lifestyle and more. It seems you will never get bored on her blog. I will probably spend many more hours on her blog to discover all the beautiful things she has experienced so far. Lucie‘s passion for photography definitely helps to fall in love with her blog; she takes amazing photos! To be continued…

No. 3 Snail Mail Love
The title says it all! Here’s a lady who loves snail mail and I love her blog. Fab is an illustrator and shares her love for letters on her blog Snail Mail Love. Are you looking for quick and simple DIYs? She is your woman. I love it when you know there is a space in the world wide web where you can get awesome but also personal inspirations. Fab created this little space on her blog so if you ever lack some creativity (and you have read all my blog posts ha) then head over to Snail Mail Love. She also founded The Postal Society. Well worth checking it out!

I hope I could introduce you to some new blogs. What do you think?

Feel free to share some of your favourite blogs below.


Found Time To Start My Own Etsy Shop

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

My own Etsy Shop Found Some Paper


Yay! I finally started my own Etsy shop. This was on top of my to-do list and it took me just two weeks in the new year to finally publish it. It’s still tiny but I’m super excited.

I made some interesting graphics as well which I’ve printed already; I’m just waiting for them to arrive in order to add them to my Etsy shop. You can have a little preview on my Instagram account if you want to. This is all part of my goals for 2016. I quit my job, went freelance and now I’m starting to make and design my own things. This is really a dream and I will do everything I can do develop it over the next couple of years.

Of course, there is the fear that I won’t sell anything. And it might happen. That’s why I’d be absolutely thankful if you can give me feedback.

  • Do you like the look of the Found Some Paper Etsy page?
  • Do you think the photos are good enough?
  • Does the description motivate you to buy any of the items?
  • Is there anything missing?
  • Is there anything particular you would like to see in my Etsy shop?
  • What’s your favourite product in my Etsy shop?
  • Any other feedback?

Don’t hesitate to give me any feedback on my Etsy shop. I really want to improve it and make it the best experience ever but I know I still have to learn some things.

Thank you so much!






Found Some Blog Goals For 2016

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

Blog Goals 2016 FoundSomePaper


I don’t know if you have noticed it but since the new year started I have blogged a bit irregularly. Don’t worry, Found Some Paper stays alive. Phew! I’m about to develop a new content plan for my blog and want to introduce you to some blog goals for 2016.

I constantly think about what I want to achieve with my blog and it’s sometimes hard to see the vision clearly all the time. I don’t have numerical goals for my blog. Some people think that’s stupid and others probably agree with me that this shouldn’t be a goal anyway. Yes, I want to reach as many people as possible but on the other hand I don’t want to get crazy about a lame day where barely someone cares about my blog.

It definitely hasn’t changed that my blog is my biggest inspiration. I use my blog to inspire myself and to stay creative with the hope others will follow my journey and get inspired, too. It’s became already a reality that I’ve met some truly inspiring people online and offline through my blog and I’m very grateful for that. This is definitely a reason why this blog won’t stop so quickly.

So here’s an overview of what you can expect over the year 2016. There always will be some spontaneous blog posts because I don’t want to stick to (my own) rules all the time.

Artists (and Inspirations)
This is not new. I’ve already introduced you to artists I’ve discovered online, at an exhibition or randomly somewhere in the real world before. I like this part of my blog and the only thing I would change is probably to write about even more artists than in 2015.

My Story
Here and there I already talked about myself and what I’ve done so far. You probably know by now that I’ve quit my job at the end of last year, too, to become a freelancer and eventually an artist. This is a first for me and I want to tell you all about it moving on. I expect ups and downs, learnings, hopefully some advice and a lot to tell you about. I think it’s going to be interesting but also scary, this new chapter of my life, and I hope you’ll be interested in the stories I’m going to tell you.

My Art & Designs
This will be a result of my story. I’ve started to create some bits and pieces last year already but this year I want to put way more effort in creating things. By showcasing my work – good or bad – on my blog I keep doing it and hopefully get some feedback from you as well because that’s how I’m going to improve. In my head I learned already not to be scared to put my stuff out there. I want to follow my inner voice and just do it.

This is something I started already last year but I have the feeling there is not enough of it on my blog. It means I want to share my opinion about the world. I was never very open to this because it makes you a bit more vulnerable. I also want to try to keep it around the creative world rather than politics. Of course, I have an opinion about that, too, but it doesn’t really belong on my blog which is mainly about creativity, art and design. These thoughts will vary based on my personal life and what’s happening in the world, so let’s see what I’ll come up with.

Last but not least, I’d like to start some challenges on my blog. These challenges are for myself to be creative but I also want to connect with you guys closer, therefore I hope you’ll join me every now and again. I’ll try to make it easy at the beginning so we get into the flow of things. As always, the challenges will be around all things creative. I’ve loved The Letter Project from last year – although not everyone received a letter at the end – and I hope I can come up with some other fun projects this year.

There’s another topic I’m thinking about. Well, it’s probably not a topic but rather a new way of communication for me. I haven’t done anything video related but I keep thinking about it; it’s stuck in my head. I probably wouldn’t just talk about my day but there’s something really interesting about the art of video and vlogging. I’ve only started thinking about it but maybe that’s something I add to the list this year. Definitely watch this space!

Is there anything you want to change in your life?


Found The Inspirational Photographer Kat Terek

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Photographer Kat Terek FoundSomePaper


You might have seen it already but if not here is the website I created for my new freelance life; it’s called The Social Hunter. The reason I’m telling you that is because Kat Terek, who I want to introduce you to today, has helped me building this website with her amazing photography.

Everything started in the London Bloggers Facebook group when Kat asked if there are any bloggers out there who needed some photos. I was very lucky that Kat chose me to have a little photo shoot the following weekend. I can just say that I love having my blog because this is one of many opportunities which sometimes come your way unexpectedly as a blogger.

Everything was very spontaneous and I have to say I didn’t really know what I actually wanted. I thought it’s always great to have some photos of myself for personal blog posts. There was nothing to worry about because Kat had some visions already. We met up in a café in Holborn, London, and started getting to know each other. Of course, I told Kat about me and my plans in the new year but I also wanted to know who she is. We had a fantastic conversation and I immediately felt this girl is driven, passionate and definitely inspirational. I saw some of the photos on her blog before our photo shoot and I was very impressed. But also look at the photos she took of me. Gorgeous! I mean not me in the photos but the story they tell.

So without her knowing she helped me shaping the look of my website. These images were great to promote my services and I also love that her images look very similar which was crucial for my website. She also inspired me to choose the colours on my page. I’m very thankful that I met Kat and I hope she’ll be able to tell more stories through her photos. Her latest project is called Nation of Dreamers.

If you’re looking for someone who can tell your story, no matter if you’re a blogger, a freelancer or a business owner, you can get in touch with Kat and she’ll help you bringing out the best of you. When you get in touch with her mention Found Some Paper and you’ll get a discount on your photos.


Kat Terek Photography


What kind of photos would you like to have of yourself?


Photographer Kat Terek FoundSomePaper 2

Photographer Kat Terek FoundSomePaper 3

Photographer Kat Terek FoundSomePaper 4

Found The Perfect December Mood Board

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

December Mood Board FoundSomePaper


That’s it! Goodbye 2015 and hello 2016. Of course, I still need to post my last mood board, the perfect December mood board. There will be a recap of 2015 soon on my blog but for now I want to tell you about my December first.

December was absolutely great! So great that I neglected my blog for the first time in one year. I feel very guilty about it but on the other hand I so enjoyed last month. It probably was one of my favourite for various reasons.

  • It was my birthday
  • I signed up for a 3-weeks art course (a bday present)
  • I quit my job
  • I went to so many Christmas markets in Vienna & Germany
  • I spent quality time with my family & friends

It was a really good month. Yes, I’m a bit nervous about 2016 because I have a lot of plans and the pressure to fulfill all my desires is huge but I just started to draft a plan. It should be okay.

Catch up on all my other mood boards over 2015 below.

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 will be a great and exciting year for all of us.




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