Found An Update On My Freelance Life + Tips

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

My Freelance Life FoundSomePaper


Three months have passed by since I quit my job and went freelance. It’s time to talk a little bit about my freelance life and maybe give you some tips as well if you’re thinking about taking the big step.

How do I earn my money?
I think I’ve been quite lucky but at the moment I work three days a week in a social media agency, helping out on projects and support different teams. I say I’m lucky because it’s quite unusual that you can do that in the advertising world. Normally you commit to a couple of months work full-time from Monday to Friday and maybe you take off some time in between jobs. It’s a little risky since I don’t have a contract with the agency (just a verbal agreement & yes, they pay me) but at the same time I have never been that flexible in my life. I also have my own clients, i.e. I do social media strategies and management for startups. It takes some time to get my own clients but that’s okay.

How do I feel?
I know that being a freelancer is riskier than working in a full-time job but I’m totally fine with that. I feel really good and I already can’t imagine to go back to a full-time job (I will though if I’m starving). I’m not saying it’s easy but I do like the feeling of making my own decisions. All depends on the effort I put in. Of course, self-doubt is sometimes part of my life but what’s the point in thinking about that when you need to figure out a) how to earn money and b) how to be happier. Self-doubt is good for self-improvement but that’s about it. So although it can be a little hard sometimes I haven’t regret a second that I went freelance. All I know is that I have to learn a lot and I’m very excited to do so.

What’s next?
I want to build my client base and do more of social media strategy and consultancy for smaller businesses. That’s one part. The other part of this journey is also to be more creative and explore my artistic side. I have to admit the time I spend to create and to design has not increased since I’m a freelancer. I definitely need to make more time for it. Nobody is perfect, right?! BUT, there is a new website – – I discovered recently where I can sell my design on products within the UK. Although I really like Society6 it’s still very difficult to actually get products from the US without waiting for weeks and paying for customs.

What advice can I give you?

  • Don’t be scared! I know freelancing is a very scary thing but I think, I can always go back to a full-time job if it doesn’t work out and so can you.
  • Don’t plan too much! I realised it’s better to be more flexible. Why? Because you don’t know who’s going to need your help. I jumped in for someone in an agency for a few days and that’s how I got my first freelance job. I for sure didn’t plan it but that’s how I started to work for an agency three times a week. Very unexpected, right?!
  • Embrace the unknown! I agree that not everyone is made for freelancing. That’s okay. It would be horrible if we’re all the same, wanting and doing all the same stuff. But if you want to freelance you need to be adventurous. Most of the time you don’t know what’s going to happen in six months and if you don’t enjoy the unknown it can be more painful than fun.
  • Save some money! Well, the truth is I didn’t do it. I jumped right into the cold water and now I just have to make things happen. To be honest, this is good for me because I’m the most productive when I actually need to do things (when I have an invisible deadline). If I feel too comfortable I barely get sh… done. But on the other hand, I think it’s good to have a little buffer for at least two or three months just because it takes some time to get paid by other agencies or clients.
  • Get yourself out there! Connect with people as much as you can – online and offline. It feels good to connect with like-minded people and it’s also good to meet potential clients. I visit a lot of networking events in London and there’s so much you can take away from these events – advice, free drinks, business cards, new friendships, knowledge & learnings.
  • Take it easy! Don’t be too harsh to yourself at the beginning. I was quite upset with myself at the very beginning because I couldn’t manage time properly and I also made mistakes. You NEED to make mistakes and I guarantee you there hasn’t been a soul on this earth who hasn’t made mistakes, especially at the beginning of their journey. If you don’t make mistakes how are you able to learn anything?

That’s my so-called freelance life after three months. I’m still very excited to see what’s next and I’m willing to work my ass off in order to never stand still and to improve wherever I can. I might have some new insights and tips for you in three months or I might tell you things went in the opposite direction. I’ll definitely let you know.

What’s your opinion on freelancing?


Found New Blogs In March 2016

Monday, March 28th, 2016

New blogs in March 2016 FoundSomePaper


It’s time for the monthly blogroll. It’s sometimes difficult to decide who I want to feature because there are so many great blogs out there but then I always think the next month is coming soon anyway. If you haven’t heard about my monthly blogroll, I like to introduce all sorts of bloggers each month, no matter if they’re small or big. They definitely have one thing in common: they’re absolutely creative and a great source of inspiration.

Life From Berlin Blogroll FoundSomePaper

Love From Berlin
I love Rae’s hair, her photography and the fact that she lives in Berlin (but don’t worry her blog is in English). Why would I be interested in Berlin though? Weeeellll, I started thinking I want to move to Berlin in the next one or two years. I mean I have lived in Berlin before but it has changed so much in the last 10 years. I’m incredibly curious to go back for a while. But oh dear, I’m distracting you from the introduction to Love from Berlin. Sorry! Rae’s blog is so beautiful and diverse I don’t know where to start. She talks about travels, art and anything which inspires her. She definitely inspires me, a lot!


Hecticophilia Blogroll FoundSomePaper

I recently met Jesse at the bloggers brunch organised by The London Artisan. To be fair, I knew her blog before but it’s really nice sometimes to meet the person behind a blog. I love Jesse’s blog because it has a minimalist style and she always has such a good taste for design. She doesn’t miss out on sharing some beautiful, personal thoughts as well. Definitely get inspired on Hecticophilia!


MeandOrla Blogroll FoundSomePaper

Me and Orla
I once went to an Instagram talk with Nuffnang and I was quite impressed of Sara’s insights. It was great listening to her expertise in Instagram marketing. I’ve also just signed up to her free email Instagram course. I’m very excited to see if it helps. Her blog is one calm place. If you’re interested in simple and slow living you’ll love this “little” place on the Internet. Me and Orla isn’t really little anymore though, Sara and her blog are ‘kind of a big deal’ now but I like that it’s still very authentic. I really recommend reading the blog.

What do you think about this month’ choices?


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Found The London Artisan And Love It

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

The London Artisan FoundSomePaper-NEW


Two weeks ago I signed up to The London Artisan bloggers brunch. I learned more about the new market in Shoreditch and hung out with the lovely bloggers Natasha, Jesse and Jaye, and host Verity (such a beautiful name). The London Artisan started last year in November on Brick Lane and is a hub of crafters and designers. I could have spent hours there. Well, I did and I talked to quite a few artisans.

The London Artisan takes place every Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm and you can buy a variety of handmade products from new and established makers and designers. I couldn’t resist and bought the cutest ‘fox’ print ever, illustrated by Maria from Volpine (see below). I actually have a new goal and I started with this print. I want to collect prints from new designers from all over the world and I like to dedicate a wall in my flat just for those prints. A wall of stories in pictures! What do you think?

Some designers are at the market every Sunday others come and go. Below is a list of my faves from that weekend but I will definitely go back and discover more creative people.

ShamCityRoasters – such good filter coffee… I had no idea
GRAYJAY – beautiful jewellery or should I say pieces of art
Ros Shiers – for dog lovers (me!!!)
Alchemy Craft – a bit of an old school website but his pieces are simply amazing (it’s made of real leaves)
Herald Black – very creative prints & collages
Crystal & Stone – can I please have all the pretty rings?!
Volpine – very cute prints
Discover more designers & makers at The London Artisan or online here.

Don’t forget to participate in their latest competition. You can win a lot of self-made products from the designers of the market. Here’s what you have to do.

I can’t wait to go back. Have you already been?








Found Artist Lisa Congdon

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Artist Lisa Congdon FoundSomePaper


I’ve admired the artist Lisa Congdon for quite a while. It’s not only her art but also her story and the many tips she has for other artists I love. I think the first time I heard of her was in the ‘Art For Your Ear’ podcast by The Jealous Curator.

Lisa Congdon started to create consciously after she visited a painting workshop with her brother when she was 31 years old. She fell in love with it and it was the beginning of her making art. I admire this journey because she wasn’t practicing art since she could think or studied art or always knew she would be an artist one day. Even if she did, she started “quite late” to actually work towards the goal of becoming an artist. Of course, I love this story because I can relate to that. Psychologically, she basically tells me ‘Look at me, I started to create art later on in my life and look at me now, I can live from it’ or something like that. We don’t need permission from anyone but if we hear a story which could be our story we believe more in ourselves. That’s why we love stories. They make us believe.

The artist Lisa Congdon also wrote the book ‘Art Inc.’ which I read in a few days – and I’m going to read it again. It’s a great book about building your career as an artist. There are lots of useful tips in there beyond making good art. Making ‘good’ art is subjective anyway. But once you’re making and creating how do you get your stuff out there? All these questions are answered in this book.

You maybe remember my art journal blog post where I showed you some of my drawings. When you look back you can definitely see that artist Lisa Congdon is an inspiration of mine. If you want to learn from her she offers some online workshops on Creativebug and I also just discovered that there is a video series on Skillshare. Yay! I can’t wait to learn from her.

What do you think? Who is one of your inspirations?


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Found 5 Essential Items For Your Home Styling

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Home Styling FoundSomePaper


I was inspired by House Network to think about my home styling. They sent me some items to decorate my home with so I took this as a chance to present to you my living room. It’s the first time I actually thought about the style I have at home and I realised I decorate my flat quite unconsciously. But I also realised that there are a few things I need to have in order to feel comfy. Those items don’t only make me feel at home they’re also items which make the home more beautiful. So if you just concentrate on the five must-have items for your home styling below you’re pretty much sorted.

So here’s what you need.

  • Pillows
    I really love pillows and always look out for new designs. With the help of Society6 & Co there are so many possibilities to either create your own designs or find some extraordinary artists. As you can see in the pictures I have quite a few fluffy white pillows, too. They’re also pretty good for flat lays.
  • Candles
    It’s still pretty cold in London and I’m so glad I have the house full of candles. There’s nothing more comfortable than snuggling up in bed and read a book surrounded by candles. Romantic, right?! I also like to have candles when organising a dinner with friends. There are unlimited moments to use candles.
  • Art
    This is something I’m concentrating on more and more. I just decided today to start a wall of new artists’ work. I went to The London Artisan market today – I will tell you all about it in the next post – and I bought a print from a very talented artist. That’s when I decided I want to support new artists even more and I want to have a dedicated wall for them in my flat. So when friends are visiting I can tell them the stories behind the art.
  • Flowers
    Okay, you can’t see any flowers in the photos below but I normally always have flowers in the house. They make me extremely happy, especially now because spring is on its way. I’ve mentioned them before but Bloomon is my absolute favourite at the moment. I’m about to sign up to another month of flower delivery. Yay!
  • Books
    I couldn’t live without books in my house. Since I was little I was dreaming of a little library. It doesn’t look like I have a lot of books at the moment but the reason is that I’ve moved quite a lot: from Berlin to the countryside, to Munich, to London, to Singapore and back to London. I had to leave some books behind and the majority of books are still at my parents’ house. One day, when I settle down I will unite all my books and start this little library I was dreaming of for so long.

Would you agree that these items make your home feel more like a home?


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Found Baking And Creativity On Instagram

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Baking and Creativity on Instagram FoundSomePaper


Who knew baking and creativity are going hand in hand?! I accidentally stumbled upon Holly Fox on Instagram and then I found one creative baker after another. Those cookies, cakes and doughnuts are simply amazing, I’m sure they taste as yummy as they look. I had no idea it’s a thing. In the past I talked about another thing on Instagram which you check out here.

I love that there really are no boundaries for creativity. I’m really impressed by people who come up with such amazing ideas and they inspire other people with their creative minds. I’m not much of a baker but I so want to try one of these illustrated cookies. I might try to do it myself for Mother’s Day (in Germany it’s in May) and send my mum some individual cookies. Or, maybe I make some baby related ones since my sister is expecting soon. Yes, I’m super excited!

This is probably my shortest blog post ever but I need to let the images speak for themselves. You will feel what I feel without any words. Enjoy the happiness and check out my favourite bakers on Instagram below.

Tell me who’s your favourite, too!



Lyndsay Sung from Coco Cake Land



Marisol Morley from Tiny Kitchen Treats



Found Round-up #1: Interesting + Creative + Useful

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

Round up 1 FoundSomePaper


There is so much going on in my life, I thought it would be useful to wrap up the things I’ve done and the things I’ve discovered for you every now and then. In my first round-up I’m talking about how to make colours from plants, why it’s time to say goodbye to Winter, how I improved my Instagram game, why I’m thinking to start an events calendar and how my freelance life is treating me so far.

The Ultimate Instagram E-course #IMMTribe
A couple of weeks ago I signed up to the Instagram e-course by Alex Tooby. It’s a free 7-days email newsletter course and the best I’ve seen so far (I’ve signed up to a couple). It’s very precise and to the point with really useful tips. In my opinion, the highlight is the Facebook group which is awesome to connect with like-minded people and to ask questions if you need some help. I really recommend it!

Creativity & Nature with Cordwainers Grow
I randomly discovered Cordwainers Grow on Twitter and we exchanged a few messages. Shortly after I attended one of their exciting workshops called The Woad Factor. Have you ever made a colour out of a plant? Me neither. I joined a group of fashion students and we were allowed to do it ourselves. Woad is the name of the flowering plant. I really like the idea of using natural ‘ingredients’ to create something unique. I hope I can attend more workshops where I learn something completely new.

Goodbye, Winter!
I was recently invited to Inghams Winter Closing Party and I simply love the photos which came out of this blogger event. You should check them out on Twitter here! We said goodbye to Winter but now I kind of want to go snowboarding again. I’ve only done it a couple of times and I never became a real fan but I really like the idea of going away with your friends on a ski trip, sporting away the whole day and then chill by the fire after all the hard work (and fun of course) – I experienced the latter at the Inghams Winter Closing Party with lots of yummy food and drinks. Maybe something to bear in mind for the end of this year?!

An Events Calendar for London Peeps
I know this is very specific for people living in London but I was wondering lately if people would be interested in an event calendar page on my blog. I’m going to networking events 3-4 times a week and a lot are really cool and useful. They’re all around social media, marketing, storytelling, branding and entrepreneurship. That’s what I’m interested in the most but I know where to find all these events and I can add topics people are interested in. What do you think?

My Freelance Life so far
I haven’t really given you an update how it is all going for me since I quit my job last year in December so here it comes. I really really love it and I can’t imagine going back full-time working for a big or small company anymore. I tasted freedom! Has it been hard? Yes, of course. I see myself in a different light and I have to really know what I want and figure out how I can reach it. Believe me that’s quite difficult. Nonetheless, I like that I’m responsible for my success. Failure is part of my journey now more than before but I’m learning to keep going. I have to, right? Because if I just give up I either starve to death or need to go back to fulfilling someone else’s dream. I’m going to go into more detail in a separate post for you soon.

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What’s happening in your life?



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