Found Great Designers At Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Sunday, May 29th, 2016



This year I finally made it to the Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 again. I wanted to go every year but because I worked in a full-time job which wasn’t design related I struggled to convince my employer to let me visit the festival. Well, this year I’m my own boss and I decided to spend a day at Clerkenwell Design Week 2016.

I started with a press breakfast on Tuesday where we were shown around the streets to get an overview of all the shows in Clerkenwell. There was so much to see! Then I met up with a group of design bloggers who were invited by We Blog Design to visit some selected designers and talk about their new collections.

I thought I mention here the other design bloggers if you fancy following them.

Emma Jane Palin

Heather Jenkinson Interiors
Graphique Fantastique
This Blank Space
Interior Style Hunter
The Happy Flat
Hello Peagreen

So where have I been & what have I discovered? We started our tour at Arper, an Italian design company with a Scandinavian touch, creating furniture for offices and homes. It was great to hear a little bit about the story behind the company. It only exists for a bit longer than a decade but is doing really well. Then we went to Clerkenwell’s St James Church (I had no idea it’s so much more than a church) and this was the highlight of the tour, in my opinion. Tom Dixon’s work is just stunning. He has chosen an amazing venue to showcase his work (see last picture below; he created the chandelier which stays there forever as far as I know). Have a look at Twitter to see the great installation HakFolly by Hakwood & FleaFolly Architects. The tour was followed by a visit at Vitra Showroom, the Sensorium Installation and the Sto Werkstatt. Last stop: The House of Detention. I met the designer of Off The Rails Design and I can’t wait to introduce her properly on my blog soon.

Phew! So many designers and places to discover. It was great! Thanks to We Blog Design for organising a little tour for us!

Have you been to Clerkenwell Design Week this year?







Found Round-Up #3: Clients + Craft + Music

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Round-up 3 FoundSomePaper


As you know, I’ve been working as a freelancer since beginning of this year. It’s about time I introduce you to two of my favourite clients. They’re exciting start-ups and I really enjoy working with them. I’ve also discovered a few other things since my last round-up. This is a fairly new category on my blog where I introduce you to some interesting and useful events, brands, tools, etc. Let me know what you think!

Sofar Sounds
A couple of weeks ago I tried Sofar Sounds for the first time. It’s not exactly new but they’re still growing. I LOVE the concept. Every month you can choose from a couple of gigs in different countries, different cities and different districts of the city. I live in London and chose Shoreditch as the place to be. You don’t know anything else, who’s playing or what the venue looks like. There are two options though: it’s either a little hidden public place like a café or someone’s private home. You can bring your own booze and snacks. I only tried it once but it was absolutely amazing. Such a great vibe! I’ve listened to three different artists and although all three of them were so different I liked them all. Sofar Sounds exists all over the world. It’s a great intimate experience!

Round-up 3 Sofar Sounds


Have you heard of these guys? DishNextDoor was/is my first client – the Airbnb of food. I do their Instagram and Twitter account mainly. The concept is simple. People who love cooking at home and people who value a home-cooked meal for a good price get together. Anyone can sign up as a hobby chef. You basically cook for others who can pick up your dishes at your doorstep. I haven’t signed up as a cook yet but I have tried a dish of one of their local cooks in London. It was absolutely delicious. I love the whole concept. What do you think?

If you sign up use this referral code which gives us both a £10 credit when you order your first meal. Yay!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, DishNextDoor has shut down. They didn’t get the funding they needed and had to stop their business. I was very sad about it…

Round-up 3 DishNextDoor


Howdy Hub
May I introduce you to another client of mine? I mentioned a few times on my blog that I’m such a fan of networking. I basically found the perfect app for me. Howdy let’s you attend events and get to know the attendees. You simply sign up with your LinkedIn account. Then you can decide if you want to introduce yourself to an attendee – a little bit like Tinder. I love their simplicity and taste of design. Over time, the app will learn what events you like the most and make recommendations accordingly. I’m sure it’s going to be big! I also take care of their Instagram and Twitter account.

Round-up 3 Howdy Hub


Paperchase – Project Craft
Last but not least, I recently attended a Paperchase event. They introduced a new project across the country which is called ‘Project Craft’. You can buy all the necessary tools to get crafty at Paperchase but finally you can also get crafty at the shops themselves. I tried the DIY Stationery workshop and I totally got into it. It looked a little bit like this. Pretty cool idea and something people will love I’m sure.

Round-up 3 Paperchase Project Craft

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Found Art Inspiration – Collages

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016



Yay! Here’s a new category on my blog: art inspiration. I realised I’m spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest and I love to collect different art works there. Recently I’m absolutely into collages. The principle sounds quite easy: you cut out some images and put them together. Believe me I tried it but creating a collage just once doesn’t do it. It is truly an art form. What artist come up with is stunning. I particularly love the ones which are minimalist and include shapes. It’s not easy to use negative space to your advantage.

My interest for collages started with The Jealous Curator’s book Collage. It’s such an inspiration. When I love a book it takes me ages to finish it because I want it to last forever (I know I could go through it again but it’s not the same). Collages are still quite scary to me. I was thinking I should interview collage artists to figure out how they start. What magazines are they using? How do they come up with an idea? Where do they get their inspiration from?

Find all the collages in this post on my Pinterest board as well as many more. As mentioned earlier, I update it regularly if you want to follow along.

Have you ever tried collage yourself? Do you know any interesting collage artists I should check out?




Found A Great Selection Of Journals

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016



This is a blog post I wanted to write forever. I love journals and I’m sure you have seen some of my journals here or on my social media channels. So it’s time for a great selection of journals now. I searched all the corners in my flat to get all my journals together. I only chose the ones I really like and are worth showing on my blog. Not all of them are used yet but I kind of like the feeling of having an empty journal where I can put all my thoughts and ideas in it. It can also be scary though because I always have the feeling this is going to be special and I don’t want to screw it up.

In my childhood I had a few journals where I ripped out pages because I thought it looks ugly. I ended up with an ugly journal at the end. I never want to do this again. So I think a lot how I want to use my journal before I start. I still end up not using it at all if I’m not convinced of its purpose. Let me now introduce you to the great selection of journals and tell you what I’m using it for or what my plans are with them. After all, I have nine journals to fill!!

This is a great collection of journals! I need to share mine soon as well! Shared via @foundsomepaper Click To Tweet



This Paperchase journal is super new and I got it from a bloggers event at their shop in London recently. I will tell you more in another blog post but they’re planning some really cool craft workshops everyone can attend.



Ah, Tiger! I love this Danish shop. I always end up buying half of the shop. That’s probably why I try to avoid it… They have a lot of craft and art materials.



Cordello Home is a recent discovery. Although their focus is on home design they do have a stationery collection and I love it. You will see that you can do a lot with the shape of a heart. They’re so creative! PS: There will be an interview with them on my blog soon.



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