You Need These 3 Amazing Stationery Brands In Your Life

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

3 amazing stationery brands foundsomepaper 1


What’s your favourite stationery brand? I think I will never stop writing about stationery because I love it so much and I hope you do, too. This time, I want to introduce you to 3 amazing stationery brands you need in your life. Why? Because they will inspire you to be creative both with their designs and their blank papers. Where else is the best place to jot down your creative thoughts, right?!

Katie Housley Stationery

I discovered Katie Housley Stationery only recently and I really love her style. Especially her new collection is gorgeous. She hand-paints the illustrations and sometimes adds a little touch to it, like gold paper. Her new collection is all about nature and I love the simplicity of her drawings. But I’m also a fan of her geometric cards which are so minimalist.

Check out her beautiful stationery brand here!

katie housley foundsomepaper 1

katie housley foundsomepaper 2

katie housley foundsomepaper 3


Lonetree Stationery

Do you remember Lonetree? I had an amazing interview with them on my blog already, therefore I couldn’t resist including them in my top list of amazing stationery brands. I love that they’re experimenting with nature but also humour. What a wonderful combination. ‘Milk & Gold’ as well as ‘Geometric in Nature’ are their latest collections, which were selected as finalists for the recent PaperAwards in both the Emotive and Exciting Use of Colour categories (love these categories). Congratulations to the team!

Check out their new collections here!

lonetree foundsomepaper 1

lonetree foundsomepaper 2

lonetree foundsomepaper 3


Katie Leamon Stationery

This luxury stationery brand was the first one I ever introduced you to on my blog – twice (here & here) – and I’m still a massive fan. I’m always curious what Katie Leamon Stationery is coming up with in their next collection and they never disappoint. Have you seen their gorgeous notebooks? I still have the Marbled 07 Notebook and guess what it’s still untouched, just because it’s so beautiful and precious. I want to save it for the perfect content. I know, I know, it’s ridiculous but I like the thought that it’s waiting for me there. One day…

Can’t get enough? Discover more here!

katie leamon foundsomepaper 1

katie leamon foundsomepaper 2

katie leamon foundsomepaper 3

My Biggest Creative Project At The Moment

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Digital x 2 Found Some Paper

Photo by CMoreVision


Okay, my biggest creative project at the moment is maybe not what you think it is. Although it’s highly creative it has nothing to do with painting, drawing or DIY. If you need a reminder what ‘being creative’ means, read another blog post of mine here.

Since I started my own business, The Social Hunter, a lot of things have changed and I now try to combine my profession (social media) and my passion (this blog). So I partnered up with a friend to found Digital x 2. We want to run workshops and talks around social media and digital communications. But we don’t only want to talk about the usual stuff; that’s why we developed the ‘Become Your Own Brand Influencer‘ workshop. Our first workshop / talk will take place on 3rd November 2016 at Campus London. I’m so thrilled that the event is fully booked already but don’t worry we’re planning on running this workshop a couple of times due to high demand.

The idea of Digital x 2 started when my friend Emelie and I figured out we have so much expertise and stories to share. We wanted to speak to people and help them out. Our workshop should inspire people to think out of the box and be more creative in their professional lives. All this is a very exciting journey for me. I can talk about creative ideas all the time – here on my blog but also when I meet new clients.

Whatever you do I think these three steps might be useful in order to start a creative project.

  1. Create a website (we used a WordPress template)
  2. Get some nice photos (in this case we took some photos of us & collaborated with CMoreVision)
  3. Start one or more social media channels around the project

Everything else will follow and you will figure things out on the way. Once we have run the workshop I will tell you all about my learnings. Promised!

What do you think of my new creative project?


Digital x 2 Found Some Paper

Photo by CMoreVision

Digital x 2 Found Some Paper

Photo by CMoreVision

Digital x 2 Found Some Paper

Photo by CMoreVision


Explore The Koppel Project In London – A Guest Blog Post

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

The Koppel Project

The Koppel Project Cafe (Baker Street)

My talented artist friend Natalja recently visited The Koppel Project in London and I’m very happy to present to you what she has discovered. After you’ve read all about The Koppel Project make sure to also check out her own artworks here.



Visiting The Koppel Project spaces was inspiring and moving. This art venue delves right into the most current events with their exhibition that centres on Colombia and its people.

Both a place for social engagement, as well as a commercial gallery, The Koppel Project is an interesting, inclusive space that infuses the local community with art. Spread across two spaces, one located in a decommissioned bank vault in 93 Baker Street, the other one situated in 26 Holborn Viaduct, the project encompasses studio spaces, a cafe, and co-working space, as well as Phaidon publishing house’s only UK bookstore.

In contrast to other, more commercial galleries, The Koppel Project offers mentoring to artists and writers and runs a program of free cultural events, on top of offering traineeships, work experience, and mentoring programs. It is actually a non-profit venture, run by Gabriella Sonabend and Hannah Thorne, the gallery co-directors and co-curators. An interesting mixture of a simultaneously commercial and educational space, both directors hope that the future of the project will include a flourishing educational program that runs alongside exhibitions that will help international artists sell excellent work as a crucial part of sustaining their practice.


The Koppel Project

Paintings by Gabriella Sonabend and sculpture by Sol Bailey Barker (The Hive)

The Koppel Project

Phaidon bookshop at The Koppel Project (Baker Street)

The current exhibitions, “From Myth To Earth” and “Mitologia De La Tierra”, are immersive, outwardly gorgeous, thematically ambitious and very current.

“From Myth To Earth” is comprised of work that Sol Bailey Barker and Gabriella Sonabend produced during their seven-month residency in Colombia, as well as during a year and a half of research thereafter. Sol’s and Gabriella’s works invite the viewer to see, feel, smell and listen, taking them through Colombian history, mythologies, folklore and landscapes. The exhibition is situated in the Koppel Project Hive in Holborn, it is spread over two floors and spans a variety of disciplines and media.

“Mitologia De La Tierra” complements the previously mentioned exhibition. It is comprised of work by a variety of Colombian artists and gives the viewer an inside perspective of the country and of Colombian identity. Both shows bring the country’s struggle to life, providing a background to the recent signing of the peace treaty between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrilla group and the subsequent rejection of it by a very fine margin of the population via a referendum.

Gabriella’s body of work consists of a series of paintings and several short stories that she wrote and that were then recorded as audio files. The former are vibrant figurative works, depicting, as seen through the artist’s eyes, the people she encountered in Colombia and their surroundings. Some of the colourful pigments used in these works were harvested in Colombia and now lend this series of paintings a unique charm.

Gabriella’s short stories are a jarring counterpoint to this seemingly idyllic imagery. They talk about casual greed, war, dehumanisation and how people strive to find solace in any kind of normalcy, numbed by the horrors befalling them. These stories can be listened to via several pairs of headphones while sitting down on a bench within a tin-hut that is open on one side; a semi-private setting I was grateful for when immersed in the intense narratives.


The Koppel Project

‘From Myth To Earth’ installation, Sol Bailey Barker sitting in bus shelter, listening to audio narrative by Gabriella Sonabend (The Hive)

The Koppel Project

‘Recuerdo La Selva’ by Gabriella Sonabend (The Hive)

Where Gabriella’s work covers the visual and aural aspect of the exhibition, Sol’s creations are of sculptural and photographic nature. The materials used, span everything from local wood and metal to found objects, combining indigenous items and shapes with industrial materials. A lot of the sculptures seen in the exhibition are one of a pair of identical pieces. One of each of them was left in Colombia to decompose and rejoin their place of origin, representing the artist’s response to recent and historical events.

The sculptures that were left behind were documented via photographs, which are part of the exhibition in Holborn. The sculptures’ identical counterparts, physically present, invite the viewer to explore their textures and interact with them. Outwardly beautiful and light in shape, they simultaneously are an exploration of heavier themes, such as resistance and the turning of instruments of death into instruments of life.


The Koppel Project

‘From Myth To Earth’ installation, sculptures by Sol Bailey Barker (The Hive)

The Koppel Project space in Baker Street is housing another side to the previously described exhibition. “Mitologia De La Tierra” is comprised of artwork by 7 Colombian artists whom Gabriella and Sol interacted with and were influenced by during their residency and whom they believe are key voices in understanding contemporary Colombian identity.

Similarly immersive to the show in Holborn, 93 Baker Street’s underground exhibition space is beautifully curated and leads the viewer through a labyrinth of sculptures, drawings, paintings, video and audio works that speak of individual narratives, self-expression within and outside of the country, as well as reflections on Colombia’s past and present. Most prevalent is a sense of mourning and also an enormous longing for hope for the future.

“From Myth To Earth” will be on display until October 29th and “Mitologia De La Tierra” will run through November 5th.




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