My Biggest Creative Project At The Moment

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Digital x 2 Found Some Paper

Photo by CMoreVision


Okay, my biggest creative project at the moment is maybe not what you think it is. Although it’s highly creative it has nothing to do with painting, drawing or DIY. If you need a reminder what ‘being creative’ means, read another blog post of mine here.

Since I started my own business, The Social Hunter, a lot of things have changed and I now try to combine my profession (social media) and my passion (this blog). So I partnered up with a friend to found Digital x 2. We want to run workshops and talks around social media and digital communications. But we don’t only want to talk about the usual stuff; that’s why we developed the ‘Become Your Own Brand Influencer‘ workshop. Our first workshop / talk will take place on 3rd November 2016 at Campus London. I’m so thrilled that the event is fully booked already but don’t worry we’re planning on running this workshop a couple of times due to high demand.

The idea of Digital x 2 started when my friend Emelie and I figured out we have so much expertise and stories to share. We wanted to speak to people and help them out. Our workshop should inspire people to think out of the box and be more creative in their professional lives. All this is a very exciting journey for me. I can talk about creative ideas all the time – here on my blog but also when I meet new clients.

Whatever you do I think these three steps might be useful in order to start a creative project.

  1. Create a website (we used a WordPress template)
  2. Get some nice photos (in this case we took some photos of us & collaborated with CMoreVision)
  3. Start one or more social media channels around the project

Everything else will follow and you will figure things out on the way. Once we have run the workshop I will tell you all about my learnings. Promised!

What do you think of my new creative project?


Digital x 2 Found Some Paper

Photo by CMoreVision

Digital x 2 Found Some Paper

Photo by CMoreVision

Digital x 2 Found Some Paper

Photo by CMoreVision



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