Found Some Blog Goals For 2016

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

Blog Goals 2016 FoundSomePaper


I don’t know if you have noticed it but since the new year started I have blogged a bit irregularly. Don’t worry, Found Some Paper stays alive. Phew! I’m about to develop a new content plan for my blog and want to introduce you to some blog goals for 2016.

I constantly think about what I want to achieve with my blog and it’s sometimes hard to see the vision clearly all the time. I don’t have numerical goals for my blog. Some people think that’s stupid and others probably agree with me that this shouldn’t be a goal anyway. Yes, I want to reach as many people as possible but on the other hand I don’t want to get crazy about a lame day where barely someone cares about my blog.

It definitely hasn’t changed that my blog is my biggest inspiration. I use my blog to inspire myself and to stay creative with the hope others will follow my journey and get inspired, too. It’s became already a reality that I’ve met some truly inspiring people online and offline through my blog and I’m very grateful for that. This is definitely a reason why this blog won’t stop so quickly.

So here’s an overview of what you can expect over the year 2016. There always will be some spontaneous blog posts because I don’t want to stick to (my own) rules all the time.

Artists (and Inspirations)
This is not new. I’ve already introduced you to artists I’ve discovered online, at an exhibition or randomly somewhere in the real world before. I like this part of my blog and the only thing I would change is probably to write about even more artists than in 2015.

My Story
Here and there I already talked about myself and what I’ve done so far. You probably know by now that I’ve quit my job at the end of last year, too, to become a freelancer and eventually an artist. This is a first for me and I want to tell you all about it moving on. I expect ups and downs, learnings, hopefully some advice and a lot to tell you about. I think it’s going to be interesting but also scary, this new chapter of my life, and I hope you’ll be interested in the stories I’m going to tell you.

My Art & Designs
This will be a result of my story. I’ve started to create some bits and pieces last year already but this year I want to put way more effort in creating things. By showcasing my work – good or bad – on my blog I keep doing it and hopefully get some feedback from you as well because that’s how I’m going to improve. In my head I learned already not to be scared to put my stuff out there. I want to follow my inner voice and just do it.

This is something I started already last year but I have the feeling there is not enough of it on my blog. It means I want to share my opinion about the world. I was never very open to this because it makes you a bit more vulnerable. I also want to try to keep it around the creative world rather than politics. Of course, I have an opinion about that, too, but it doesn’t really belong on my blog which is mainly about creativity, art and design. These thoughts will vary based on my personal life and what’s happening in the world, so let’s see what I’ll come up with.

Last but not least, I’d like to start some challenges on my blog. These challenges are for myself to be creative but I also want to connect with you guys closer, therefore I hope you’ll join me every now and again. I’ll try to make it easy at the beginning so we get into the flow of things. As always, the challenges will be around all things creative. I’ve loved The Letter Project from last year – although not everyone received a letter at the end – and I hope I can come up with some other fun projects this year.

There’s another topic I’m thinking about. Well, it’s probably not a topic but rather a new way of communication for me. I haven’t done anything video related but I keep thinking about it; it’s stuck in my head. I probably wouldn’t just talk about my day but there’s something really interesting about the art of video and vlogging. I’ve only started thinking about it but maybe that’s something I add to the list this year. Definitely watch this space!

Is there anything you want to change in your life?


Found A New Monthly Blogroll – December

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Monthly Blogroll December FoundSomePaper


It’s time for my monthly blogroll. If you’re new to my blog let me quickly recap what this kind of blog post is about. Every month I want to introduce you to three new blogs. I either follow them for a while already or I have discovered them recently. Nevertheless, you need to keep an eye on them because they’re awesome.

No.1 New Yorker Meets London
Laurie followed me recently on Twitter. But sometimes I’m very slow so I only checked out her blog properly after we met at a bloggers event in London yesterday. Yes, exactly: only yesterday! I had no idea how gorgeous her blog is. Laurie moved from New York to London as you have probably guessed from her blog name. I can’t wait to follow her journey from now on. She also posts a lot of awesome food places in London which I need to check out. She quotes Seth Godin on her About page – “everyone is an artist and able to create art in their own ways” – which is absolutely my cup of tea.

No.2 Kat Terek
I wanted to write about Kat before she’s writing about me but I guess I’m a little too late. She already published her first blog post of a series called NATION OF DREAMERS. You’ll quickly realise that she’s quite a talented photographer. She was looking for faces to expand her portfolio with and I was lucky enough to have been chosen for a little photo shoot. Of course, it was a lot of fun posing for her but furthermore we had a very inspiring chat. Yes, I talked quite a bit about myself – as you can read on Kat’s blog – but I was really impressed by Kat’s passions. She works in a full-time job but manages to go to a co-working space after work and on weekends to make her dreams become reality. If you ever need a photographer you should definitely hire her!

No.3 Josephine Kimberling
This is the only blogger from this month’ blogroll I haven’t met. Nevertheless, I love her blog / website. I think Josephine is doing what I’m dreaming of. She’s an artist and follows her passion in a studio in Seattle. Well, I wouldn’t move to Seattle to follow my dreams but being an artist and having my own studio doesn’t sound too bad. Her patterns and paintings are beautiful and express so much happiness. But what I love most is that her logo is a unicorn. It’s so easy to make me happy, isn’t it?! But it’s really everything on Josephine’s blog which makes me happy. I already have an eye on her 2016 desk calendar

What do you think about the blogs above?



Found A New Monthly Blogroll – November

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Monthly Blogroll November FoundSomePaper


This is already the third time that I’m sharing my monthly blogroll with you. Have a look at the September and October blogroll if you have missed them. I just love reading other blogs and started to share my appreciation on my own blog. It’s important for me to not only share the biggest blogs with you but I can promise you, big or small, they’re absolutely worth reading. Aaaaaand, here you go!

No 1. I Love Illustration
I think the name says it all. This blog by Amsterdam based creative director Anneke Krull is one big inspiration. She not only talks about the most talented illustrators out there she also recently published her first online magazine, which shows women illustrated by artists from all over the world. If you’re ever in need of some inspiration you know where to go. I’m not an illustrator myself but I enjoy other people’s work and just by looking at these talents I’m very motivated to start something on my own. Anneke also shares some very interesting links on her Twitter feed every now and then.

No.2 The House That Lars Built
I purely stopped by this blog because of its name. I love love love the blog name. It’s so unique and when I read it I asked myself what is this blog about?! This is a perfect example of how to attract someone’s attention. So what is this blog about? The description couldn’t be shorter and more precise: an artful life. Brittany Watson Jepsen is the face behind The House That Lars Built. If you’re looking for a cool DIY project, if you’re interested in design, if you’re looking for delicious recipes or if you just want to get a glimpse of Brittany’s beautiful life you will love this blog.

No.3 Strum Simmer Sip
It’s a long time ago I’ve spoken to Lisa. She was one of the first bloggers I met online and who was very supportive from day one. I really enjoyed talking to her on Twitter and on my blog. I lost a little bit contact with her but I never stopped following her blog. That’s why I wanted to take the chance to introduce her blog Strum Simmer Sip to you. I’m especially quite jealous of her amazing travels. I have seen her smile only on photos but I can already tell this girl is so much fun; pure happiness. I’d love to meet her one day.

What do you think? Do you like any of the above blogs?



Found A New Monthly Blogroll – September

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

Monthly Blogroll September FoundSomePaper


I want to spread more blog love on Found Some Paper. There are so many great blogs out there, and not all of them are that big (yet). So I decided to have a monthly blogroll. I’m going to introduce you to three blogs each month and explain briefly why I love them. Here you go!

No.1 A Handful Of Creativity

This blog was recently started by my lovely friend Maxine. We met a couple of years ago through couchsurfing in London, then she moved to Columbia and I moved to Singapore. We both came back to London and discovered we want to do something creative together; that’s when we organised the paper flower workshop earlier this year.

She finally started a blog with another friend and A Handful of Creativity was born. I like the way Maxine thinks. It’s a mix of making other people happy, e.g. with her 100 Days 100 Letters project, and making the most out of being creative. She made the triangle flower photobooth frame for the Bloggers Picnic and brought her typewriter to the event in order to create some inspiring postcards. How cool is that?! I don’t want to tell you more because you should check out her blog and follow her. She always runs exciting projects. Join her latest project #7daysofyes here.

No.2 The Private Life Of A Girl

One of the first blogs I really really enjoyed reading. I love Sophie’s clean and straight-forward thinking and you can see that everywhere on her blog. If I have to recommend a minimalist blog I would choose hers straight away. Her blog posts are never too long and her content really appeals to me. I can always take away something from a blog post. I’ve bought books she recommended and most of all I like that she started her own business. I love reading her business blog posts to get some inspiration for starting something on my own. I’m sure you’ll be inspired by her, too.

No.3 Cardboardcities

I really want to get into creating collages but I’m not even near the actual execution. I haven’t really done anything (yet). BUT I’m having a lot of peeks at Laura’s blog and I’m always excited to see a new collage of hers. I love that everything is so colourful on her blog. Whenever I need a bit of cheering up in terms of creativity I know where to go – I know Cardboardcities will inspire me. If I ever need a collage artist I would definitely hire her and I would be so excited to see what she comes up with. So if you feel a little down and uninspired head over to Laura’s blog.

Have you ever heard of the above blogs or are they new to you?



Found A Stunning Video Of The Bloggers Picnic

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Bloggers Picnic FoundSomePaper 13


It’s finally here! The video of the bloggers picnic. I really love it and I hope you feel the same.

If you’re new to my blog let me quickly recap why I’m so excited about this video. End of August I organised my first blogger event in a park in London. If you want to see more photos go to my previous blog post. It was a great mix of some awesome bloggers, supporting friends and exciting brands who made the picnic unforgettable.

It’s probably best to watch the video in order to know what I mean.

Here you go!

What do you think? Would you like to attend an event like that?



Found Some Paper – My Blog Explained

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

My Blog Explained FoundSomePaper


Do you actually know where the name of my blog comes from? Probably not because I haven’t told that many people. It took me a while to come up with a name for my blog.

  • I wanted something generic but it should give an indication of what can be expected
  • I wanted something simple so when I say it to you it’s easy to remember
  • So what does Found Some Paper mean?
    • It’s a fresh start! Whenever you make a plan you use a clean white piece of paper. Then you start writing down all the things you want to do, e.g. a bucket list, a To-Do list, your goals, your blog schedule for the month, Christmas presents you want to buy etc. >> LIFE
    • Be creative! I don’t know how you feel but when I have a piece of paper in front of me I feel like I have to do something arty with it; I have to draw or sketch something >> ART
    • Get inspired! You might have noticed that I start my headlines with ‘Found’ because there is so much inspiration out there I wanted to give it a place to be mentioned. There are no limits! It can be artists, other bloggers, designs, creative people, people I surround myself with, you, anyone and anything >> INSPIRATION

I have a short description of the theme of my blog in my About section but let me tell you a little bit more. There are three main aspects why I have this blog.

  1. Creativity for myself: I’m not creative all the time but my mission is to spend more time to consciously being creative. Being creative doesn’t only mean drawing or DIY’ing. It can be so many things like organising an entertaining event, making day-to-day life exciting, paying more attention to the world around us, appreciating the little things, tackling hurdles with a creative mind, creating a brand, creating images, taking pictures etc.
  2. Creativity for you: I wasn’t sure if I’m creative myself for a long time and I discovered that many adults think they’re not creative. Or they think they shouldn’t event start creating because there are so many other talents out there. But do we always need to be creative for others? Why do we compare each other so often? Is it not about the joy we feel when we make our own things? Do we not feel very much alive when challenging ourselves creatively? I feel like that and I think there are many more like-minded people out there. We do it together!
  3. Collaborations: Last but not least, I love working together with other people. I’m all about collaborations because I think they’re great for bringing out more of my own creativity. Of course, there’s always a time issue (= not enough time) but I’m fighting this. I will find time for side projects! It inspires me working together with other talented people. No matter if it’s online or offline. There is one particular project I just started and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

So this is my blog explained in more detail. Tell me about your blog and how you stay creative!



Found Amazing Pictures From The Bloggers Picnic

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015



What a day! The bloggers picnic was a great success, at least in my opinion. I hope everyone who joined me felt the same.

I was lucky in quite unlucky circumstances because half of the time the weather conditions were acceptable, but halfway through it started to rain. We set up the picnic under a huge weeping willow  – my favourite tree by the way – and it did a good job in keeping the rain away, mostly. The temperature was really nice, too. I was running around in a T-Shirt and felt very comfortable.

At around 2pm the first people showed up. It was really amazing meeting new bloggers at the event. Each one of them was a true inspiration. A few friends were helping me with providing delicious food for the bloggers picnic (make sure to check them out in my previous blog post) and they were also looking for connecting with bloggers who already started a blog. I loved the mix of people with different interests: photography, design, fashion, food, flowers, beauty, etc. There were people who were blogging for a couple of years already, people who just started a blog, people who wanted to start a blog and people who wanted to meet some bloggers. It was a perfect place to be!

Time was flying! We chatted, we speed networked, we created, we ate, we laughed, we photoboothed, and we got to know each other. I loved everyone’s openness and I’m glad that no one needed to be shy because we were a great bunch of creative souls.

I’m going to write another blog post about my experience organising an event and you’ll also hear more about creative events from now on. It’s something I picked up with someone I met through my blog and I hope I can make this a great side project of mine. Coming soon!

Last but not least, thanks to all the brands who contributed to the bloggers picnic and added so much value to the experience!

Katie Leamon // Freixenet // Sibberi // Icelandic Water // Japan Candy Box // The London Flower House // WishWant // Bloom & Wild // Yull Shoes

And thanks to Ina Reni who entertained us with her beautiful voice and her witty songs. I’m looking forward to seeing blog posts about the picnic from other bloggers. Someone was already super fast, so check out Naomi’s take on the bloggers picnic here… She captured a little moment I had posing in the flower triangle photobooth.

Would you like to join the next event?



PS: A video of the event is coming soon! Can’t wait!






Found Excitement For The Bloggers Picnic

Monday, August 24th, 2015




I hope I don’t bore you with another blog post about my bloggers picnic but this is all I can think of at the moment. As a blogger you need to have many skills to keep your blog going and I just learned a few more things thanks to my blog. There will be some learnings after the picnic but I can already tell you that I’ll add the following skills to my ‘life resume’ (some are new and others are improvements): event management, sponsorship management, time management, graphic design, relationship management, and marketing.

For those of you who haven’t heard about the bloggers picnic head over to my other blog posts with more information (part 1 and part 2). The most important to know is that it takes place in Haggerston Park, East London, on Saturday, 29th August 2015 from 2 to 6 pm. There are lots of exciting things happening that day, hence my excitement!

Here’s a brief recap of who participates as a brand plus a wonderful singer.






I also want to introduce the awesome bloggers who have signed up already. I love that I discovered new blogs by organising this event and I can’t wait to meet all of them.

Graphique Fantastique

The Style Division

Emma Inks

The Wayward Professional

Living Life in Docs

A Handful Of Creativity

The Diary of a Teachaholic

The Beauty Load

Beautifully Travelled

The Small Things of Life

One At A Time Photography

Katie’s Cubby

Tickets are available till Friday end of day! So even if you’re still thinking ‘Should I come?!’ you can be spontaneous and still sign up the day before. I can just promise you we’re going to have a great time. No matter if we have rain or shine we’re prepared. The weather so far looks good for Saturday though.

So what are you waiting for?! I want to meet you!





Found Some News On The Bloggers Picnic: Join us!

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Update Bloggers Picnic FoundSomePaper 2


Less than two weeks until the picnic of the year. You probably have seen my first blog post about the #BloggersPicnic. Today I want to update you on the progress. The vision I have for this picnic becomes a reality and I’m beyond excited.

Let me quickly summarise what the event is about. This picnic is all about meeting other bloggers and discovering some exciting brands as part of the experience. We’re going to have a couple of blankets where people can network with others. Every half an hour we’re going to rotate bloggers on the blankets in order for everyone to meet everyone. It’s a speed networking event for bloggers. It’s all about you! We’re going to exchange stories, ideas, and advice. This is our creative community in real life.

The Bloggers Picnic will be held in Haggerston Park. It’s a secret park and therefore not so crowded. There are bathrooms and there’s even shelter if we need it, just in case the London weather is not with us that day. Expect delicious food and drinks made by some passionate foodies.

Becky & Kylie

These two girls are a dream team. Becky is a very talented cake maker and she does all this in her spare time. Here’s one evidence of her extreme talent. Kylie is a health fan which you can see on her Instagram account. Both girls are about to start a healthy lifestyle blog which is coming soon. Their first audience for testing their delicious healthy food will be you. I can’t wait for their picnic ideas!


My dear friend Adeline loves cooking in her spare time, too. Let me tell you her food is absolutely delicious. I’m happy she joins us and is going to make some real delicacies.


I organised DIY paper flower workshops with Maxine and she introduced me to the Creative Retreat. She’s going to organise another one with ‘A Handful of Creativity’ in January if you want to check it out. For the #BloggersEvent, Maxine is going to create a beautiful flower photobooth. We’re going to create some amazing memories at the picnic. I can’t wait!

Last but not least, may I introduce you to the exciting brands which have already confirmed their support (it’s likely there will be some more which I’ll add over the next two weeks). They contribute to a more fun event atmosphere, provide prizes for the competition (yes, there’ll be a raffle for you) and/or add to the goodie bags which I mentioned in my last post.


I’m sure you already know this extraordinary brand. Possibly the best sparkling wine in the world? We’ll find that out at the event because Freixenet UK are absolute stars and provided some bubbles to celebrate the last days of summer.

The London Flower House

Charley, the founder of The London Flower House, not only loves flowers she also made it her profession. She is a wedding and event floral designer in London and a busy bee. Luckily, she loved the idea of the #BloggersPicnic and is going to provide us with some beautiful flowers at the event. What would a picnic without flowers be?!


This is a new brand which was recently launched by Ksenia, as far as I know. But don’t worry Ksenia will be at the Bloggers Picnic and you can ask her all about Wishwant – The future of gift giving. She kindly provided an exciting prize for the raffle.

Japan Candy Box

Have you heard about the Japan Candy Box? You can subscribe to their services in order to receive a box with lots of Japanese candies every month. The guys from Japan Candy Box provided a prize for the raffle and there’ll be also some candies in your goodie bags. Win win!

Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild is a very interesting concept and I have already tried it myself. Well, I posted about it a while ago (no.4) and my boyfriend actually read my blog post and fulfilled my wish (I know, he’s such a sweetheart). I loved the idea, the delivery was perfect and the flowers were simply beautiful. So one lucky blogger is going to win a flower delivery as part of the raffle. Just to let you know.

Katie Leamon

You should be very familiar with the brand Katie Leamon from my previous blog posts (part 1 & part 2). I had the pleasure to meet the founder and her team in London. Since then I’m the biggest fan. Her luxury stationery really stands out. Luckily, there will be some beautiful cards in your goodie bags.


I’m super happy to announce that we’re also going to have a lovely singer at the event. Ina Reni is a very talented lady. But I’m not going to say more. Check her out on Facebook. I really can’t wait to listen to her at the Bloggers Picnic!

So this is a little glimpse of what you can expect at the #BloggersPicnic. There are still a few spots left so grab your ticket and join us at an unforgettable event.

Sign Up Here

Looking forward to seeing you!



Sponsors Bloggers Picnic FoundSomePaper

Found Murder Of Goths – Blogger & Illustrator

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Illustration Murder Of Goths FoundSomePaper


Murder of Goths is such a unique blog. I discovered the blog when I won a customized digital illustration by Kat. But maybe I start from the beginning. I attended a bloggers event / charity event organised by Fiona two weeks ago in East London. It was very well-organised with some little corners of discoveries. Fiona also ran a little raffle and I can’t believe I won this amazing prize.

Maybe the image looks familiar to you because I posted the original photo, which was taken in Sweden, already on this blog. Kat is such a talent. Her blog is a mix of posts about her personal life, about topics like feminism and parenting as well as her art works. She has specialised in transforming photos of plus size bloggers which I think is a great niche. You need to check out her work here.

If you haven’t already you should follow this talented digital artist here:

Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Blog

What do you think about the illustration? Would you like to have one yourself?




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