Found 5 Easy Steps To Start An Art Journal Today

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Art Journal FoundSomePaper


I finally did it and started my art journal. It took me nearly a year to start and I don’t want this to happen to you, too. I think it was a combination of different reasons why I didn’t start an art journal immediately.

  • I was over-thinking it a lot
  • I didn’t really know how to start
  • I wasn’t sure when I ever have the time to sketch
  • I was asking myself why am I doing this

Well, have a look at my results by scrolling down and let me know what you think of the beginning of my art journal!

It’s really easier than I imagined it and now I want to introduce you to a few simple steps on how to start an art journal today.

  1. If you already have the intention to start an art journal I can imagine you already bought a sketchbook because that seems to be the easiest and most fun part. There are tons of amazing notebooks out there. I got the pink one from Undercover by the way.
  2. Get yourself some pens, pencils, crayons, felt-tips or anything you like really. I want to clarify that there are no rules just guidelines to help you start.
  3. All set! But what to draw? Get your inspiration from Pinterest. Seriously, it’s an amazing place to get inspired. I created boards like ‘pattern‘, ‘graphic design‘ and ‘art journal‘ to collect a variety of inspirational graphics. Pinterest is a wonderful design search engine. I’m into geometry a lot lately which you can see in my latest Easter DIY blog post.
  4. That’s it! The rest is experimenting a lot. If you see all your drawings and sketches as an experiment there’s less pressure in your head.
  5. Extra tip: Try to sit down half an hour a day. It’s very therapeutic and helps you start the day relaxed or calm down in the evening after a challenged day. You don’t have to finish your page in 30 min. I came back to many of my drawings. It takes time, don’t rush yourself. It’s fun!

I’d love to see your art journals on Twitter – @foundsomepaper – if you’ve started already. If not, what are you waiting for?


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  • Rai

    Um, so I love this. hahaha! I keep making plans to start an art and a dream journal but as you said never do due to over thinking. I guess in my mind I want it to be “pinterest perfect” which it’ll never be but that’s not the point is it! I love all the shapes and geometric work you do my drawing have always been mainly based of shapes as well and simple lines mainly due to my ‘art’ family coming from that background haha

    I may just start one, maybe haha I LOVE YOURS!

    Rai |

    • Uli

      Not maybe, start an art journal now! 😉 Share it with me on Twitter by tagging me @foundsomepaper. I really would love to see it! x

      • Rai

        I’m starting one. It’s decided haha 😛

        • Uli

          Really can’t wait to see it! 🙂 x

  • I love YOUR art journaling process! Beautiful post, too!

    • Uli

      Oh, thanks a million, Barb! 🙂


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