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Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

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As I mentioned already in my previous blog posts, I have been to a Creative Retreat last weekend and I finally want to tell you all about it. Let me explain what a Creative Retreat is.

A Creative Retreat is a getaway from your usual environment and those days away are packed with creative challenges and lots of time to reflect on your (creative) life. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The Creative Retreat UK is organised by two gorgeous creative souls, Sarah and Maxine. Maxine is  my partner in crime for the Spring Flower Event – sign up for the second session here. The April Creative Retreat was their second event and there’ll be a third one in a few months; I heard it’ll be in Ibiza.

So, what do you do at a Creative Retreat? We had two and a half days on a farm in the British countryside and we were 16 people from all backgrounds and with various interests. Sarah and Maxine created a daily schedule with workshops to sign up for. The brilliant thing was that each workshop was held by another participant. I loved this because it’s a great creative challenge to organise a little workshop for other people yourself and not only take part in other people’s sessions.

In a nutshell, these were the things we did during those Creative Retreat days:

  • Cooking: Although that probably wasn’t meant as a creative challenge but a pure necessity to feed all mouths, people were divided into groups to either make breakfast, lunch or dinner. We had some amazing food and I need to try out some meals at home for myself
  • Morning Raving: Yes, that’s right! I thought that was a brilliant idea: getting up early in the morning, turn up the music really loud, and dance like there was no tomorrow
  • Going for a walk: This might sound quite boring and I’m sure a lot of you are doing this already (YAY!) but I loved going for a walk in the woods. I felt like a kid again. It was raining in the morning – we went for a walk straight after getting out of bed – but I didn’t really care. The fresh air and the sounds of nature were just too incredible
  • Music / Writing / Art workshops: Everyone has different interests so there were a few workshops you could choose from. Guess what I did? Since I’m not the best writer in English nor have I ever played an instrument (*sad face*) I, of course, wanted to be part of the art workshop. The lovely Georgia, who is an Art Consultant, made us drawing our families step by step. But it wasn’t just the faces of our family members, we drew the relationship to our families as well as what symbolises each member of our family. I can just say it was a great experience
  • Relaxing / Qigong / Yoga sessions: I haven’t been present at these sessions as they were options to other activities but I think the names say it all and as far as I heard they were pretty amazing (also organised by different participants)
  • Feedback session: That was probably my most favourite session and happened at the end of the Creative Retreat. At the beginning we received little envelopes with the purpose of receiving little notes from others about what they’re thankful for you’ve done or just in general some feedback for you – this one you could just take home with you. The proper session we had on the last day was very helpful. Each of us wrote down a little struggle in our life and then we passed around the piece of paper in a circle and everyone could give advice if they had one. We then naturally started talking and appreciating each others’ skills and personalities. You can imagine how boosting this was. A little bit like the blogger community online
  • My own session: I almost forgot to tell you that I also held a little workshop. You might know that already but I’m obsessed with triangles. So it was very obvious that I chose a crafting idea including (3D) triangles. I wanted people to draw whatever came into their minds on a triangle. I like sessions where you sometimes can just follow your subconsciousness. Have a look at the result below

Oh dear, I wanted to make this blog post short but then I realised how much we actually did over these two and a half days. I didn’t even mention yet that we also had some personal time where we could just work on our own projects. I took photos for my #ArtyProject; check it out here.

If you live in the UK you should definitely check out the Creative Retreat UK and get in touch with them regarding their next event. I would always do it again because it’s such an eye-opening and energizing experience.

Have you ever done something similar to this or would you do it if you have the chance to participate?


  • This sounds really cool! May have to do one of these sometime…

    • Uli

      Yay, definitely! Thanks for your comment, Meg! x

  • This sounds SO fun! I wish we had something like this in San Francisco! I’d love the Music/Art/Writing workshop…and the yoga! Glad you had fun Uli <3 L

    • Uli

      Thanks lovely! The next one probably will be in Ibiza so give it another year and they might end up in San Francisco! 🙂 x

  • MaryamSofiaArtistry

    Wow, this is awesome! I would love to do something like this! Looks like so much fun. xx

    • Uli

      Definitely follow them on Facebook! There will be a similar getaway soon! 🙂 x

  • Kylie

    Looks like a fab time! I wish I was more creative
    Kylie –

    • Uli

      Kylie, you can be more creative if you want to! Your outfit posts already show a lot of creativity! 🙂 x

  • Nital Shah

    Loved reading this and will surely go to one next year!

  • Hey Uli, I hope you are well! I just wanted to thank you again for this post. We have now updated our website and are directing our readers towards this and your fab website!
    Thanks again and hope to see you soon, Maxine x


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