Found A Miracle: Artist John Bramblitt

Monday, April 6th, 2015

John Bramblitt 4 FoundSomePaper


First ofall, look at these colours! I have never seen such beautiful rain. And now it comes! These stunning paintings were created by super talented and blind artist John Bramblitt. Yes, you read it correctly, he’s blind. I can’t describe how he actually does it, so you better watch this video to get an idea.

John Bramblitt’s story is sad but at the same time fascinating. He struggled with depression first after he got blind caused by epilepsy. Oh dear, I totally can understand that. But he changed his perspective and believed in himself. Furthermore, he decided to do something ordinary people sometimes wouldn’t even dare doing; he became an artist and not any kind of artist. Everyone would agree that you need your eyes for painting a picture, wouldn’t you? But John Bramblitt managed to use his touch sense to ‘see’ a picture. I love how he creates reflection in his paintings. I admire him a lot and I’m so happy to came across his art work.

Are you as captivated as I am?


IMPORTANT UPDATE: A massive thank you to the lovely Ellie who discovered a mistake in my blog post. The first painting is from John Bramblitt, marked with his two circles and two x. The picture below is from Leonid Afremov which is very similar but as Ellie mentioned the texture is different and you can see that. I apologise for this mistake and I hope you’ll take it as a lesson learned, at least that’s what I will do. I’ll be definitely more careful when introducing you to artists in the future. But please also understand that I’m not an expert at all and just want to share some art love on my blog.

PS: FYI I changed the order of the images and deleted the second painting of Leonid Afremov since this blog post should have been about the artist John Bramblitt. But I also wanted to leave Leonid’ Afremov’s painting in this post so you can see the difference and hopefully won’t make the same mistake as I did.


Leonid Afremov FoundSomePaper



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