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Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Creative Block Book

I start by introducing a blogger who inspired me to create this blog. Danielle Krysa’s blog The Jealous Curator showcases talented artists from all over the world. Furthermore, she wrote a book called CREATIVE BLOCK where she introduced 50 artists who give readers a task to execute at each chapter. I’m not an artist but I do like to get inspired.

Of course, I bought her book and it excites me to read it. I love the call to actions from the artists because those projects help to keep being creative in a day to day life. I’d say being creative isn’t only limited to an artistic process, it can help you with everything. I started a project The Jealous Curator introduced readers on her blog (you can read more here). In a nutshell, Trey Speegle, an artist presented in Danielle’s book, asked you to create a black and white image or find a photograph which you then need to print 50 times.  In the next step, you can alternate the images however you want to, it’s entirely up to you. I already started this project and I’ll soon share the first pieces with you in my next blog post.

It’s great to have a blog like The Jealous Curator to find out what kind of artists are out there. I’m sometimes amazed by what people create. I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite artists in the next couple of weeks as well as art techniques I just discovered myself recently.

Jump on board this project and share your projects with me!



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