My Belated 2017 Goals & A Little Recap of 2016

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

2017 Goals FoundSomePaper


I love setting goals but this year I’m a bit late in writing them down. I can’t believe it’s almost February. I probably start every post with ‘time is flying’. Well, it’s time for my 2017 goals.

Despite 2016 being quite an unpleasant year for the world, I couldn’t complain about my tiny insignificant life. I met my little nephew in April 2016, travelled home 4 times instead of the usual one time for Christmas and every time was amazing. I also started my freelance adventure exactly one year ago and despite being poorer than before it has been a good first year for me.

I said goodbye to the year 2016 celebrating in Portugal which was a perfect end. Now, we’re already 3 weeks into the new year. I feel a little lost without setting concrete goals for this year so it’s about time I do it.

2017 Goals

  1. A new project: I will tell you all about it in more detail in another blog post but it belongs to my 2017 goals so I will tell you a little bit about it now. I’m launching an eCommerce platform in March 2017 called Secrets of Green where I talk about all things nature and “green” and sell products from small businesses related to it. Have a look at the Instagram account aka mood board here. I want to make this project a success!
  2. Family: This is a goal I just want to continue every year. I want to see my family at least every 3 months. I want to see my little nephew growing up and I want to be a part of his life. Last but not least, it might be also time to start my own family. Not exactly a goal for this year but I might as well start planning already.
  3. Hygge: I recently read about this topic and it perfectly describes the journey I’m on. As I mentioned earlier, time is flying all the time. Hygge is the opposite. It’s about mindfulness and consciously enjoying the here and now with a book in your hand and a candle calming the atmosphere. I want to do things slower and I want to get rid of the feeling of missing out.

And that’s about it. I don’t want to have a million goals I can’t reach; just these 3 goals.

What about you?



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