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Thursday, March 31st, 2016

My Freelance Life FoundSomePaper


Three months have passed by since I quit my job and went freelance. It’s time to talk a little bit about my freelance life and maybe give you some tips as well if you’re thinking about taking the big step.

How do I earn my money?
I think I’ve been quite lucky but at the moment I work three days a week in a social media agency, helping out on projects and support different teams. I say I’m lucky because it’s quite unusual that you can do that in the advertising world. Normally you commit to a couple of months work full-time from Monday to Friday and maybe you take off some time in between jobs. It’s a little risky since I don’t have a contract with the agency (just a verbal agreement & yes, they pay me) but at the same time I have never been that flexible in my life. I also have my own clients, i.e. I do social media strategies and management for startups. It takes some time to get my own clients but that’s okay.

How do I feel?
I know that being a freelancer is riskier than working in a full-time job but I’m totally fine with that. I feel really good and I already can’t imagine to go back to a full-time job (I will though if I’m starving). I’m not saying it’s easy but I do like the feeling of making my own decisions. All depends on the effort I put in. Of course, self-doubt is sometimes part of my life but what’s the point in thinking about that when you need to figure out a) how to earn money and b) how to be happier. Self-doubt is good for self-improvement but that’s about it. So although it can be a little hard sometimes I haven’t regret a second that I went freelance. All I know is that I have to learn a lot and I’m very excited to do so.

What’s next?
I want to build my client base and do more of social media strategy and consultancy for smaller businesses. That’s one part. The other part of this journey is also to be more creative and explore my artistic side. I have to admit the time I spend to create and to design has not increased since I’m a freelancer. I definitely need to make more time for it. Nobody is perfect, right?! BUT, there is a new website – – I discovered recently where I can sell my design on products within the UK. Although I really like Society6 it’s still very difficult to actually get products from the US without waiting for weeks and paying for customs.

What advice can I give you?

  • Don’t be scared! I know freelancing is a very scary thing but I think, I can always go back to a full-time job if it doesn’t work out and so can you.
  • Don’t plan too much! I realised it’s better to be more flexible. Why? Because you don’t know who’s going to need your help. I jumped in for someone in an agency for a few days and that’s how I got my first freelance job. I for sure didn’t plan it but that’s how I started to work for an agency three times a week. Very unexpected, right?!
  • Embrace the unknown! I agree that not everyone is made for freelancing. That’s okay. It would be horrible if we’re all the same, wanting and doing all the same stuff. But if you want to freelance you need to be adventurous. Most of the time you don’t know what’s going to happen in six months and if you don’t enjoy the unknown it can be more painful than fun.
  • Save some money! Well, the truth is I didn’t do it. I jumped right into the cold water and now I just have to make things happen. To be honest, this is good for me because I’m the most productive when I actually need to do things (when I have an invisible deadline). If I feel too comfortable I barely get sh… done. But on the other hand, I think it’s good to have a little buffer for at least two or three months just because it takes some time to get paid by other agencies or clients.
  • Get yourself out there! Connect with people as much as you can – online and offline. It feels good to connect with like-minded people and it’s also good to meet potential clients. I visit a lot of networking events in London and there’s so much you can take away from these events – advice, free drinks, business cards, new friendships, knowledge & learnings.
  • Take it easy! Don’t be too harsh to yourself at the beginning. I was quite upset with myself at the very beginning because I couldn’t manage time properly and I also made mistakes. You NEED to make mistakes and I guarantee you there hasn’t been a soul on this earth who hasn’t made mistakes, especially at the beginning of their journey. If you don’t make mistakes how are you able to learn anything?

That’s my so-called freelance life after three months. I’m still very excited to see what’s next and I’m willing to work my ass off in order to never stand still and to improve wherever I can. I might have some new insights and tips for you in three months or I might tell you things went in the opposite direction. I’ll definitely let you know.

What’s your opinion on freelancing?


  • Nina

    This was really interesting! I’d love to go freelance in a few years, but I really don’t know how I’d cope with the uncertainty. Thanks for sharing your experience so far.

    Nina –

    • Uli

      Thanks for your comment, Nina! I think it’s always worth trying as well. Just because you decide to be a freelancer it doesn’t mean you can never go back to a full-time job. I know a couple of people who decided to go back to a full-time job again. You can do whatever you want 😉 x


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