The Best Art And Design Local Shops In London – Oxo Tower Wharf

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Local Shops London FoundSomePaper Oxo Tower Wharf


I don’t know about you but the older I get the more conscious I am about what I buy. That’s why I think now it’s even more important than ever to pay attention to local shops. As you know, I am a huge fan of everything art and design related so that’s why I think the Oxo Tower Wharf is one big hidden gem in central London. Well, it’s not really hidden but I have the feeling not a lot of people know that it accommodates over 25 independent shops located on two floors in the front and the back of the building. It’s also surrounded by art such as the Mise-en-abyme created by artist duo de Allegri & Fogale.


Local Shops London FoundSomePaper Oxo Tower Wharf 7


Many of the local shops at Oxo Tower Wharf are studios as well as shops so you sometimes will be able to see the designers in action. Just like Doreen who makes beautiful scarves on her weaving machine. What else can you find there? Jewellery, fashion, textiles, ceramics, glass, lighting, product design and interior accessories. I can’t tell you which shop is the best to be honest because they’re all so unique. It really depends on what you’re looking for but I’m 100% sure you will find something amazing.

Every year it’s almost a torture to find the right presents for my family. I have the feeling I gave them pretty much everything already. So it’s nice to actually tell them a little story about where their gift comes from and who the person is behind the design and the product. I love these little details and I think people with a conscious mind are looking out for products which are different and tell a story. It feels so much better than receiving a gift every second person will receive on Christmas. Would you agree?

Last but not least, if you’re interested in art and design exhibitions it’s worth checking out the back of the Oxo Tower Wharf and look for the premises of Bargehouse. From 2nd to 4th December 2016, The London Illustration Fair returns to the Bargehouse. I can’t wait to see the exhibition… and maybe go shopping after.

Have you been to Oxo Tower Wharf before?


Local Shops London FoundSomePaper Oxo Tower Wharf 7

Hadron Lighting Collection by Bodo Sperlein

Local Shops London FoundSomePaper Oxo Tower Wharf 3

Black Tree Glasses Set by Snowden Flood

Local Shops London FoundSomePaper Oxo Tower Wharf 5

CORE Clear & Smoked Lights by Innermost

Local Shops London FoundSomePaper Oxo Tower Wharf 6

Cross Stick Map by SUCK UK

Local Shops London FoundSomePaper Oxo Tower Wharf 4

Colour Venn by Mr Jones Watches

Local Shops London FoundSomePaper Oxo Tower Wharf 2


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